Cut The Customer Service Crap

Written by Rick O'Shea

Melbourne’s public transport system has declared me to be no longer a passenger but a customer. Oh my Lord! Into the dustbin of history goes a millennia of human exceptionalism. From now on it will be E.M. Forster’s “A Customer to India”, on ocean liners we will book our dream customer to the orient, Marco […]

Progressing to 1984

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Self-awareness is a rare quality. It’s impossible to decipher whether Orwell’s ‘1984’ was simply a concoction of the ideal dystopian state or whether he knowingly laid the blueprint for the perfect tyranny. Contemporary foresight either turns you into a prophet or highlights historical naivety. Would Orwell be shocked to see red flags of authoritarianism revealing […]

The Cross Dressing Misdirection

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Universal problems and public debate have been essential to putting forth ideas that shape contemporary culture. Communal concerns are the locomotive behind evolution.  The Greatness of a man can be measured by the quality of his problems. Aspiration for ingenuity, craving for prosperity and devotion to overcoming societal obstacles leading civilization into a superior future. […]

Is Empathy Harmful?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Empathy and compassion are two nouns falsely used interchangeably. Often hearing the personality trait of empathy portrayed as overwhelmingly positive. “He’s such an empathetic and compassionate person, he really cares about others.” Paul Bloom’s latest book Against Empathy illuminates how compassion and sympathy are helpful virtues, while even well intentioned empathy can be ruinous. Empathy […]

Defending Crazy Old People

Written by Chevy Chinburn

The moral high ground is a beautiful thing isn’t it? There’s nothing people love more than flaunting how opened minded they are. It’s easier to highlight the bad in people, it’s the first thing we notice, but recognising the good in someone who’s violating our standards is difficult. It requires maturity. I was taking a […]

No One Cares, Bro

Written by Chevy Chinburn

“You’re special. You’re amazing. You can do anything.” The mantra of millennials. Accurate for a small minority but an outright lie for most. Modern parents are encouraged to be sycophantic when it comes to their children. This is well intentioned and easy, considering the intense biological protectiveness and love that parents and mothers in particular […]

I’m Offended, You’re Offended

Written by Chevy Chinburn

We live in bizarre times. Technology is evolving while our social values are devolving. As Western Nations approach their zenith, will their Judeo-Christian values trump their silent enemies and open up a new intellectual renaissance that continues the tradition of excellence, or will Western Civilization be relegated to history books, destined to be burned by future […]

True Counter Culture Is Freedom

Written by Chevy Chinburn

There’s something seductive about fighting the power, taking on the man, throwing a wrench in the system and resisting authority. Who hasn’t fantasized about defeating the nefarious bully figure? This combative attitude is especially prevalent in youth. Whenever there’s a mainstream culture, naturally there’s going to be a counter culture. This seditious energy has taken […]

Humans Trump Animals

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Humans are strange creatures, we have an innate desire to continue our lineage yet we’re the only life forms who actively try and argue against our own reasons for survival. People don’t just watch, they love and admire onscreen cinematic violence, as long as the bloodshed is human. Game of Thrones is a brutishly raw […]

Abort Babies, Save the Future

Written by Buzz Huffington

When I hear cis white males callously throw around the term ‘radical feminism,’ I’m liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike really? Feminism is too moderate. The goal of equality? Equality?! After a billion years of torture? I don’t think so. For billions of years, men kept their monstrous Genghis Khan like genes reproducing, by economically and physically prisoning them in […]