Democracy On Life Support?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Freedom, tolerance, the pursuit of happiness (whatever that looks like) and the right to define your own life are all Western democratic ideals. But with more Westerners choosing holidays over children and more Muslims choosing SUVs over birth control, the possibility of an ethnically shifting society may go unnoticed until our Grandchildren refuse to cook […]

Remembering Michael Crichton

Written by Lee Harvey

1942 – 2008 Even if you don’t know who Michael Crichton is (or was), chances are you know his work. Hollywood adapted his novels into some of the biggest movies of their time: The Andromeda Strain (1971), The Terminal Man (1974), The Great Train Robbery (1978), Jurassic Park (1993) and, to only name a few, […]

Cut The Energy Crisis Crap

Written by Rick O'Shea

One early Saturday afternoon at my local fish and chip shop I ordered a hamburger for lunch. To pass the time whilst it was being cooked, I strolled in the sun along the shopping strip. Pausing at my old watering hole, the local pub, half tempted to go in for a frosty, I was suddenly […]

Escaping to Misery

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Peaceful minds are as rare as an intelligent celebrity. Self-importance is on the rise and our emotions seem to be getting the better of us. The number one trait for a content life is emotional intelligence. Emotion has the word motion in it for a reason, feelings flow like traffic. As you hit agitating red […]

I Love Margaret Court

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Margaret Court should be stabbed to death. I don’t care that she has donated vast sums of money to charity or lived a non-violent benevolent life. The witch needs to be hunted down, stripped and then publicly lynched. End her heretic bloodline. Tennis achievements mean nothing when you don’t endorse anal sex. The psychoneurotic response […]


Written by Chevy Chinburn

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The turmoil that happened in Charlottesville has me reflecting on the future of race relations. Is Australia immune ethnic discord? Historically no, Cronulla riots was potentially the burgeoning of ethnic disharmony. A concept foreign to the modern Australian ethos. Luckily it hasn’t been repeated. That seems […]

Smoking Is Cool

Written by Chevy Chinburn

I remember when smoking was an accepted habit. Bars, planes, restaurants and even hospitals were all fair game. Nowadays, in a vein similar to Iran’s piety police beating a 10 year old for forgetting which direction Mecca faces, Victoria’s blue vested heroes are here to insulate virgin lungs from the threat of secondhand smoke. The […]

In Defense of White People

Written by Chevy Chinburn

The pernicious genetic continuation of white people, in particular white males who have been found guilty of  malevolent intent simply by being born into comfort. Just being pasty and alive implicates you as an oppressor. We could argue about race related crime statistics, or IQ differences between ethnicities, reasons for western wealth, imperialistic robbery and […]

Interview With An Addict

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Thanks for joining us, we know how hard it must be for you to publicly express your private battles. We appreciate your bravery in raising awareness. Thanks for talking to me, I just want to share my story and let others suffering in silence know that they’re not alone.   Tell me about yourself? My names […]