Russia’s Winter Soldiers

Written by Vince Mourning

Vladimir Putin recently warned of superhuman soldiers that could be more destructive than nuclear bombs, a concept straight out of a comic book. These soldiers will be created by scientists possessing the ability to break a human’s genetic code and design a person with specific characteristics. At least that’s what Putin says, but who really […]

Does Cultural Appropriation Actually Exist?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Do you enjoy eating Mexican food? Like cooking Latin cuisine? Or traveling Central America in search for authentic recipes? Great! So long as you’re not white! This is what millennial social justice warrior lynch mobs assert anyway. To them, cultural appropriation is on par with a gas chamber. But I laugh at those imbeciles denouncing […]

Is Jacinda Ardern The New Kim Jong?

Written by Al S. Drozd

She isn’t even Prime Minster yet but New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern has already threatened Australia, warning that if rights allowing New Zealander’s cheap access to Australian education are revoked, New Zealand will enact similar policies affecting Australians abroad in Middle Earth. Now, I hate Internet slang but the only possible reaction to that is: LOL. I’m […]

Good Luck Jacinda

Written by Lee Harvey

Women politicians often evoke a sense of uniqueness, of being something different to the status quo of cocks, corruption and cash. But the truth is there are plenty of women in politics, and most just happen to be as corrupt as their male counterparts. Maybe it is this indistinctness that results in so many being […]

Are The Burqas Really Better At Hungry Jacks?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Queen Pauline, saviour of Australia, crusading against the assassination of the Mother Country. The fish ‘n’ chip shop Queenpin has re-assembled her forces and diverted her offensive from Asians to Muslims. Not without provocation though. Islam perpetuates a lot of questionable beliefs and, as a result, Muslim immigration comes with a side of danger. Child marriage, […]

When Equality Meets Reality

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Out of all the problems facing society, the acceptance of transgender people invokes the most public attention. Opinions vary from ‘who cares, live your life’ to ‘transgender people are the catalyst for the moral decay’. Me? I lean more towards the ‘who cares’ side. Life is short and, so long as you’re not raping toddlers or […]

Crooked Clinton The Crybaby

Written by Al S. Drozd

Almost a year after her loss to a man who was only in politics as a hobby, life-long politician Hillary Clinton is still crying about the defeat. Her tantrum has gone on for so long now that I don’t know whether to pity her or to envy her resolve. After her interview on last night’s […]

A Conversation With A Raelian

Written by Harry Berg

The average person thinks of evolution and science as a match, one that is incompatible with creationism and religion. But the Raelian Movement thinks of itself as a scientific religion that rejects evolution and embraces creationism (again – cults are a dichotomy). I spoke with the Raelian’s Australian spokesperson, Mr Heaven, to find out more. […]