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Remembering The Unabomber

Written by Lee Harvey

1942 – ???? Why are we doing a profile on a terrorist? Well Ted Kaczynski’s story is an interesting one that raises a lot of questions about sanity, intelligence, psychology and the importance of ethics in experiments. Let’s start at the start. Ted Kaczynski was a prodigy, graduating from high school at 15 and going to […]

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Coked Up & Kidnapped In Capetown

Written by Harry Berg

It’s a cold Saturday night in Melbourne’s South East with some sparse rainfall. I am sitting amongst a native garden, listening to Trent Robbins recount his recent experience in South Africa’s Cape Town, one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The breeze whistles through the garden and pushes Trent’s long unkempt hair backwards. His […]

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