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Stop Victim Blaming FFS: Anthony “Cis Privilege” Rapp Raped Kevin “I’m Gay Now” Spacey!

Written by Buzz Huffington

Yes, you heard it right folks. Fourteen year old Anthony Rapp raped innocent Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, yet the media in our despicable rape culture is once again blaming the victim. Not only is every article I’ve seen about the “scandal” completely inaccurate and discriminatory but also straight up harmful! Seriously, I just don’t think […]

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Does Cultural Appropriation Actually Exist?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Do you enjoy eating Mexican food? Like cooking Latin cuisine? Or traveling Central America in search for authentic recipes? Great! So long as you’re not white! This is what millennial social justice warrior lynch mobs assert anyway. To them, cultural appropriation is on par with a gas chamber. But I laugh at those imbeciles denouncing […]

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Vice News* 2

Written by Al S. Drozd

If your standards have caused you to miss out on the mind blowing knowledge published on Vice over the past couple of months, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered… In preparation for Australia’s marriage equality postal vote, Vice “News” not only broke the golden rule of journalism (impartiality) but essentially held their content hostage in order […]

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The N-Word Is Discriminatory, But Not For The Reasons You Think…

Written by Buzz Huffington

We’ve all heard it. Whether from a black comedian, in a Quentin Tarantino film or at one of of the United State’s faculty endorsed college white supremacy rallies (there just isn’t enough progressive peoples in our schools!). The term which shall not be named (more Harry Potter references please) is everywhere. But why is it socially […]

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