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Abort Babies, Save the Future

Written by Buzz Huffington

When I hear cis white males callously throw around the term ‘radical feminism,’ I’m liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike really? Feminism is too moderate. The goal of equality? Equality?! After a billion years of torture? I don’t think so. For billions of years, men kept their monstrous Genghis Khan like genes reproducing, by economically and physically prisoning them in […]

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Harrison Bergeron, The Cis White Male, Got What He Deserved

Written by Harry Berg

Kurt Vonnegut was one of the most acclaimed authors of the 20th centruy and one of the few whose works were able to transcend the ‘literary ghetto’ of science fiction and find success in the mainstream. His 1961 short story ‘Harrison Bergeron’ was one of these works. Like many overlooked science fiction tales, the social […]

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