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Remembering Syd Barret

Written by Lee Harvey

1946 – 2006 Roger Waters and David Gilmour are two of the most talented musicians of all time and each has a valid point in their argument about who is more responsible for Pink Floyd’s success. But there is another person, largely unknown, who just might beat them both of them. While Roger ‘Syd’ Barret […]

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Stop Victim Blaming FFS: Anthony “Cis Privilege” Rapp Raped Kevin “I’m Gay Now” Spacey!

Written by Buzz Huffington

Yes, you heard it right folks. Fourteen year old Anthony Rapp raped innocent Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, yet the media in our despicable rape culture is once again blaming the victim. Not only is every article I’ve seen about the “scandal” completely inaccurate and discriminatory but also straight up harmful! Seriously, I just don’t think […]

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Does Cultural Appropriation Actually Exist?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Do you enjoy eating Mexican food? Like cooking Latin cuisine? Or traveling Central America in search for authentic recipes? Great! So long as you’re not white! This is what millennial social justice warrior lynch mobs assert anyway. To them, cultural appropriation is on par with a gas chamber. But I laugh at those imbeciles denouncing […]

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Macklemore (George Bush Jr Jr) Wants To Perpetuate Terrorism

Written by Al S. Drozd

Who doesn’t love foreigners coming over to their country and forcing opinions on them? I mean, it worked out so well in the Middle East, right? Well, not exactly. But maybe that’s because the West forced the opinions of educated and informed politicians instead of super hip and trendy pop stars. Case in point: Macklemore. […]

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SF Writers That Should Have Started A Cult Instead Of LRH

Written by Harry Berg

In 1950, Astounding Science Fiction (now Analog Science Fiction) introduced pulp writer L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science to the wider world. Before this, the pseudo science that is at the heart of Scientology had only been know to friends of LRH. I am going to assume that anyone reading this is […]

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We Need To Talk About Historical Privilege

Written by Buzz Huffington

Christopher Nolan(a cis white male with education privilege)’s Dunkirk is a despicable, racist and exclusionary movie. The above sentence contains more fact than Dunkirk‘s 106 minutes. But Nolan’s heartless and viscous attack on marginalised people is a double edged sword. For all it’s wickedness, the film, much to the director’s despair, has stirred up a […]

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