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Remembering Rasputin

Written by Lee Harvey

1869 – 1916 Even now, over a hundred years after his murder, Grigori Rasputin is an enigma. Born a peasant in Siberia, he embeded himself with Nicholas II, the last Tsar, and became one of the most powerful people in Imperial Russia. Despite holding no position within the church, Rasputin captivated St Petersburg high society […]

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Remembering Henry Darger

Written by Lee Harvey

1892 – 1973 In contrast to our profile on highly successful author Michael Crichton where we wrote “Even if you don’t know who Michael Crichton is (or was), chances are you know his work”, even if you do know who Henry Darger is (or was), chances are you don’t know his work. Few people do. And […]

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