Glorious Julie Bishop Should Come Out Of The Closet

Written by Al S. Drozd

Given her rank within the Liberal party, Julie Bishop’s marriage equality endorsement in 2015 was surprising to say the least. Yet when you look past her sham marriage and discover that Julie Bishop is actually a lesbian, that stance is more than understandable.

Who is Australia’s Foreign Minister really dating? Chinese mining billionaire Sally Zou. Miss Zou is an enigmatic woman, the perfect secret lesbian girlfriend for a career conservative politician.

Now if you keep up to date with the pitiful absurdity that is Australian politics, you’re probably screaming at your screen right now.

“LSD, Julie Bishop declined having any knowledge that Sally Zou founded the ‘Glorious Julie Bishop Foundation‘! Stop Putting words in her straight mouth! That’s for her husband’s cock!”

Well yeah, but that was before the result of the $120 million same sex marriage plebiscite came in dumbarse. Now that the public has spoken, I’d wager its only a matter of time before Julia comes out of the closet.

The cost of the plebiscite angered a lot of people but even the hundred-plus million dollar price tag for the vote that carries as much weight (and works the same way) as a Reddit comment can be explained by Julie Bishop’s sexual identity. Yes, on book it is a huge expense to the Australian tax payer but in reality it is really being covered by Sally Zou, the Liberal Party’s biggest donator.

And I bet you thought the mining magnate (who possibly has ties to the Chinese Government) was donating so much to the Liberal Government to secure deals for the various mining operations her companies is either engaged in or planning to engage in. But no, it was merely so Julie can prove to her party that Australia doesn’t give a shit if she goes to work on Sally Zou like a starved Chinese slave labourer. Dumbarse.

Still not convinced? Well, Sally Zou also donates huge amounts to the Port Adelaide Football club and how could any woman who has contact with Kochie not be turned off men?

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