How Do Refugees Keep Taking Our Senatorial Jobs?

Written by Al S. Drozd

Malcolm Turnbull’s harsh stance on immigration, national security and refugees is strange when you consider the number of refugees in his Senate.

With another day gone by, another Senator has been ousted to due an ineligibility over their citizenship. This time it was Tasmanian Independent¬†Jacqui Lambie who felt the boot of the Constitution as it kicked her to the curb. This is becoming such a frequent occurrence that I can’t even keep count of the disused “Senators” anymore.

This is an issue that I have breached before, first in a piece titled ‘Malcolm Turnbull Needs Alcoholics Anonymous’,¬†and then again in my previous article ‘Australia’s Five Former Senators Are Frauds’ which could make it the most covered story in Relentless’s history. Yet, there is a reason for that.

This whole situation is so unbelievably absurd that it bears repeating. The fact that these “Senators” are only now been held accountable for the due diligence that they should have done before ever running for the Senate is beyond ridiculous, hypocrisy and even fraud.

It is unAustralian. Literally. Even more so than the Labor Party’s spelling of the word labour.

Maybe Malcolm Turnbull should close the Senate instead of Manus Island detention centre. After all, those ineligible “Senators” not only live off the taxpayer but are also taking jobs from real law-abiding Australian citizens and all without going through the necessary bureaucracy!

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