Germany Needs To Invade Poland To Stop Nazism Reoccurring!

Written by Buzz Huffington

I spent last night in tears. I was so scared and sad, so anxious and worried, not even McDonalds and Taco Bell could even help!

Why was I so upset?

Because of those dumb fucking Polish Nazis who unashamedly celebrated their Independence Day. I mean it’s criminal enough when white people celebrate the lands they stole from indigenous people but Poland took their fascist bigotry to a whole new level this year. They shunned the implication and embraced Nazism publicly, calling for white nations to unite.

I seriously just can’t even…! Like, unite?! WTF?!

Just look at our progressive Eastern neighbours you dumb fucking whites, how many of them are united? The Middle East is as fractured as can be and they are guided by the world’s most peaceful religion! And South America is like the most tolerant and happy place there is (they even have Communist Cuba and Socialist Venezuela!) but still allow healthy and friendly competition between rival cartels.

And what was it that Vladimir Lenin called the highest stage of Capitalism? That’s right, Imperialism. Check mate Nazis, you just can’t argue with someone as smart as Lenin, check fucking mate.

The Western world doesn’t need to unite but progress. And the only Western nation progressive enough to spark that change is Germany! Not only do they have a female Chancellor but Germany embraces refuges the way I embrace¬†HIV positive chefs.¬†

And Germany needs to invade Poland NOW! 

These Polish Nazis can’t be left to incubate. Given time, their contagious ideology will infect every white male on the planet. What Germany needs to do is to act swiftly. Invade and occupy Poland ASAP. Just Blitz right in there, so fast that it’s like a lightning war or something.

I mean, modern Europe is pretty much a mirror of pre-WW2 Europe. Germany invading Poland is our only hope at avoiding Nazism from repeating!

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