Australia’s Five Former Senators Are Frauds

Written by Al S. Drozd

In a previous Relentless article, Harry Berg asked: Why are politicians exempt from the laws that bind average people? This question is particularly¬†pernient to Australia’s senator citizenship debacle, what both parties are now calling a crisis.

So far, the High Court has removed 5 politicians (including the deputy Prime Minister) from the Senate in light of evidence that each of them held a dual citizenship and are ineligible for the position. Despite what they may claim, these senators all knew they held dual citizenship, yet each still lied in order to join the Senate.

This is fraud. Plain and simple. Any average Australian caught lying about their circumstances to access benefits – welfare, loans, charity – is charged with fraud, so why do none of the 5 guilty politicians face charges?

Not only do these 5 professional criminals face no charges for their illegal actions but they get to keep the $9 million worth of senatorial salaries they cheated Australia out of. As does Stephen Parry, Senate leader, who is now resigning after, suddenly, realising he holds a UK citizenship, bringing the total number of proven senate frauds up to 6.

Imagine if someone was caught making a $9M withdrawal from your bank account and then allowed to walk free without having to pay the money back. That is essentially what these politicians have done. Actually, so far the 6 fraudulent senators have stolen more than $9 million from Australia’s accounts and, with another 29 senators accused, who knows what the total sum will be?

The only thing that can be said for certain about this absurd situation is that none of the senatorial frauds will be held accountable for their crime.

The go-to excuse of these two-bit criminals is ignorance, which is even more alarming if true. I mean, how could someone who doesn’t even know what country (or countries) they’re a citizen of be informed enough to enact public policy?

If this crisis has taught Australia one thing, it’s that these fraudsters can’t be taken at face value. And, really, what sounds more believable? That 35 career politicians conveniently forgot something that would hinder them from advancing their careers or they all simply lied to overcome that barrier?

Is it even possible to forget applying for foreign citizenship? That sounds like a very conscious, official and bureaucratic task to accomplish. No one has ever gotten black out drunk and woke up as a citizen of Luxembourg. No one.

Even if we do assume that anyone in the Australian Senate is so retardedly thick to not know how many countries they are a citizen of, well, since when does ignorance alleviate guilt? Again, apply that political excuse to the average Aussie:

Can you get away with unlicensed driving if you were unaware that your license was suspended?

Can you get away with murdering somebody if you forgot you murdered them?

Can you get away with joining ISIS and waging war against the West because you didn’t know there was a law against it?

No, of course not. So why does Australia’s political class continue to get away with such blatant crimes?

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