Stop Victim Blaming FFS: Anthony “Cis Privilege” Rapp Raped Kevin “I’m Gay Now” Spacey!

Written by Buzz Huffington

Yes, you heard it right folks. Fourteen year old Anthony Rapp raped innocent Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, yet the media in our despicable rape culture is once again blaming the victim.

Not only is every article I’ve seen about the “scandal” completely inaccurate and discriminatory but also straight up harmful! Seriously, I just don’t think I could, like, handle seeing another anti-gay & victim-blaming hate article! My heart would just stop, not from me being unhealthy or anything (being weight-non-conforming doesn’t equate to unhealthy fuck face) but because my heart is so full of sorrow for poor Mr Spacey that it would just, like, be overwhelmed by the hate that is soooooo rampant in our anti-progressive media.

Honestly it’s two-thousand-and-fucking-seventeen, so why is our society still so intent on blaming victims? Everyone knows and agrees that cis white males are the only people that need to take responsibitlity for their drunken actions. But Mr Spacey isn’t a straight white male you fucking scumbags! He is an innocent member of the already-victimised LGBTQQIP2SAA community! Who knows what horrors and discrimination Spacey had to endure while surviving in the toxic Republican stronghold that is Hollywood!

The only person to blame in this situation (besides the entire media and online rape apologisers) is Anthony Rapp! He took advantage of an intoxicated and innocent gay man and, frankly, should be lined up next to President Drumpf in the gas chamber I’m building!

It is just as impossible to rape a straight white man as it to discriminate against a straight white man for their skin colour. Ergo, Anthony Rapp is a rapist who, over 30 years later, still hasn’t faced any repercussions for his crime. I bet some of you stupid scumbag Nazis out there are fuming over this article: “Buzz, it doesn’t matter that that cis white male, Anthony Rapp, tried to rape Kevin Spacey. Rapp was underage and can’t be held responsible for his toxicity!”

To that I say “shut your dumb Nazi mouth!” Cis white males can and should always be held responsible for their actions. They exist solely to rape, kill and oppress. That’s why when women teachers sleep with underage male students, no one is punished. The male kids knew what they were doing, just like Anthony ‘Rapist’ Rapp knew what he was doing when he tried to rape Kevin Spacey! Why is that so hard to understand!?

People from the LGBTQQIP2SAA community are even lower on the privilege scale (again, I know this, I wrote my dissertation on privilege for my social justice degree) than cis white women so Anthony Rapp is no different to a drunk man raping a woman by having consensual sex with her when she is drunk! 

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