Does Cultural Appropriation Actually Exist?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Do you enjoy eating Mexican food? Like cooking Latin cuisine? Or traveling Central America in search for authentic recipes? Great! So long as you’re not white! This is what millennial social justice warrior lynch mobs assert anyway. To them, cultural appropriation is on par with a gas chamber.

But I laugh at those imbeciles denouncing such harmless behaviour. Perceiving cultural appropriation as offensive isn’t merely exaggerating malevolence, but pretending it exists at all. Cultural appropriation is the recreationally outraged’s new buzz word. Rational people, on the other hand, place the idea that ‘cultural appropriation is offensive’ next to Marxism in ashes of intellectual credibility. But, thanks to half-witted opinions circulated by disenfranchised bloggers who continue to have real world consequences, stupidity seems to be out-breeding logic.

Is cultural appropriation even real? And, if so, why is appreciating another culture negative? Modern society is a lattice of all those societies that came before. The United States of America, for example, was founded on cultural appropriation with the finest intellectuals from the world over combining values from Christianity, Ancient Greece, Renaissance Europe and Imperial UK into the dawning of a new age.

Fast forward to 2017, 28 years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the assumed end of Marxism, where Collectivism sprouts its ugly head in a different mask. Those cold war Comminist ashes must have seeped into the soil and fertilised the same fruitless tree that thrust half of Europe into a dark despair. The wall might have fallen but IQ’s didn’t rise in it’s place.

Because that’s all cultural appropriation really is: Collectivism. Another way to divide and pit certain groups of people against others. But isn’t the whole point of multiculturalism to celebrate the diversity of humanity and appropriate the best parts of each other’s culture?

No one wants to appropriate the failed aspects of other societies. Why would they? I mean, the Wu-Tang Clan are named after a renowned martial arts district in China but none of them are emulating China’s Cultural Revolution. And I can listen to a Jay z album without going out and dealing drugs on a corner.

This video demonstrates the the extent of the progressive mental illness. Japanese people ubiquitously praise and enjoy Katy Perry wearing the traditional Geisha outfit. To them it’s a sign of affection and respect. But a blatant sign of disrespect is believing you know what others are feeling. That non-white cultures/people are so feeble-minded they require a ”brave open-minded” progressive (who needs a safe space to escape words) to stick up for them. Few things are more insulting than pity.

Back in the 1800s before China had any booming industrial sectors, they sent over a plethora of immigrants essentially to be used as disposable slave labour to help build American railways and factories. They deftly planted educated personnel among the peasants. They were then tasked with learning the process behind construction of railroads  and production of useful products. They returned to China equipped with new found knowledge. This information was used to wean China off Western dependence for technology. Creating the autonomous ability to produce what later became better and more advanced railroads. That was cultural appropriation executed brilliantly.

This collect mindset needs to centered around our common humanity, not extenuate our differences. The greatest form of flattery is imitation. Enough of this is who we are and this is who you are. Just embrace our shared existence on this flat earth. With the plethora of problems this world faces on a daily basis, does a white kid having dreads actually cause in any harm? Time to relax and refocus your anger into something productive.

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