Good Luck Jacinda

Written by Lee Harvey

Women politicians often evoke a sense of uniqueness, of being something different to the status quo of cocks, corruption and cash. But the truth is there are plenty of women in politics, and most just happen to be as corrupt as their male counterparts. Maybe it is this indistinctness that results in so many being caught up in the hype of a female politician’s election campaign. And maybe it is the reason New Zealand’s Prime Minister elect, Jacinda Ardern, beat the National Party’s Bill English.

For the last decade, the NZ Nats have been building New Zealand’s economy up, so much so that it was even coined a “rock star economy”. But change can be good. Weather it’s lifestyle, political, romantic or just bed sheets. And, considering Australia’s and New Zealand’s ties, I sincerely hope this change works out well for New Zealand. And, lets be honest, other than Germany’s Merkel, there are very few positive political role models for women out there:

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop who, as a solicitor, fought against Australians dying from asbestos, denying them compensation and intentionally dragged the case out so the all the victims would be dead. Hillary Clinton who, in addition to her war crimes in Libya, defended a rapist pro bono. Theresa May, the second coming of Margaret Thatcher. Julia Gillard who has red hair (eww).

What separates New Zealand’s Prime Minister elect from these other females is her status as a wildcard, an outsider who came from nowhere to the fore. Worldwide, these wildcard politicians have come to dominate. England’s opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. French President Emmanuel Macron. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. President of the US Donald Trump. And even the President of the Philippines who did something rarely seen in politics: Not only admitted to his atrocities but used them as a platform.

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