Are The Burqas Really Better At Hungry Jacks?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Queen Pauline, saviour of Australia, crusading against the assassination of the Mother Country. The fish ‘n’ chip shop Queenpin has re-assembled her forces and diverted her offensive from Asians to Muslims. Not without provocation though.

Islam perpetuates a lot of questionable beliefs and, as a result, Muslim immigration comes with a side of danger. Child marriage, homophobia, intolerance, terrorism and animal cruelty to name a few. Although, that may be a generalisation. Most people prefer comfort and a reliable income to sacrificing themselves for an ideological war.

What reignited this debate was Pauline Hanson’s predictable, yet outrageous, stunt in the senate. Symbolic of her controversial nature, Mrs Hanson wore a burqa into parliament house, protesting the religious garb. Virtue signaling idiots will find any reason to shout down others but having reservations about the burqa doesn’t equate to hate. The imagery simply is unsettling and people have a right to fear the garb, just as they fear a balaclava.

Referring to the video, Ned Kelly didn’t volunteer to cover his face, he was backed into a corner – a bush ranger with few other options. Ned Kelly may be an Australian hero but he was shot 26 times, healed and then hung, not an argument for tolerance.

The arguments in that QandA clip match my own. For instance, how can Australia claim to be a free society while dictating what people can and can’t wear? Do I like the Burqa? No, but that doesn’t mean they should be banned, the same as fat chicks aren’t banned.

That said, I do believe it’s within a business’s right to prohibit someone from entering their premise with a hidden face. Would you want a ninja walking around in your shop? Not only does it affect public safety but atmosphere. Nothing ruins a bar’s vibe like women wrapped in bed sheets who most likely aren’t going to put out.

Furthermore, enforcing a burqa ban sounds messier than a white girl at Schoolies. Imagine if women were forced to take it off in public. Buzz Feed would have a field day, frantically writing about malicious white supremacist cops forcing kindhearted Middle Eastern women to humiliate themselves by undressing in public. Half their team would probably have a heart attack from banging keys. It would be like Christmas, Easter and Mardi Gras all  in one.

We don’t need to stop the burqa but the fetishising of primitive practices. Sure, you have the right to cover your face but don’t expect others to pretend it’s not bizarre and downright laughable. Anyone who thinks burqas aren’t dehumanising probably licks windows. Lets face it. Not being able to view someone’s face creates an immovable barrier to human connection. I just don’t understand how a woman who has to lift up her face mask to eat hasn’t been brainwashed.

We need to approach Islam with the same manner our scientific and advanced civilization approaches Christianity, Mormonism or Scientology. It’s dogmatic and antithetical to reason, beyond excuse and deserves mocking. Nonetheless, the best antidote to bad ideas is good ones. How can we argue for freedom while restricting someone else’s attire? The Burqa should stay legal but all of us who dislike it ought to chastise it because that’s what freedom represents. The ability to believe and be who want without the threat of violent repercussion.

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Nothing ruins a bar’s vibe like women wrapped in bed sheets who most likely aren’t going to put out.

Too right!!!