When Equality Meets Reality

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Out of all the problems facing society, the acceptance of transgender people invokes the most public attention. Opinions vary from ‘who cares, live your life’ to ‘transgender people are the catalyst for the moral decay’. Me? I lean more towards the ‘who cares’ side. Life is short and, so long as you’re not raping toddlers or murdering pensioners, I don’t believe I have any business in telling you what to do.

If you like wearing lipstick, getting high on heroin, putting on a dress and twerking to Gwen Stefanie while blowing your uncle, well, power to you. What one man finds disgusting another finds arousing.

I don’t even have an issue with pronouns. Shit, I’ll refer to someone as a Zebra because I’m an appeasing person. Do I think misusing pronouns should be illegal? Absolutely not. What about hate speech against transgender people? Fuck no. You can perceive yourself however suits your ego but the world can’t be remodeled to fit your personal narrative.

I don’t condone hate or violence but I am an avid proponent of objective reality. And if you’re born a man and decide to have a sex change, well you still have a man’s bone structure, muscles and biology. You are essentially a dedicated 24/7 Halloween costume. But then, who doesn’t love dress up parties? You get to live that joy everyday.

Having recently dipped my toes into the trans world by wearing a dress in public, I agree with Dave Chappelle: trans people are gangster as fuck. It takes balls to live your authentic truth, courage not a lot of people could muster. After gaining a newfound respect for the weird, I still stand with my belief that it’s just a look, one that’s no more real than the imaginary girlfriend I fantasise about before sleep takes me away from my misery.

There has to be limitations to trans acceptance and I believe that is at physical sports, any activity that has high intensity body contact between players. Sorry to say, but there’s no other way. It just can’t happen.

Some of you may be familiar with the Fallen Fox controversy, a man turned women MMA fighter who decisively beat the shit out of those poor females who were daring enough to step in the cage with a castrated man. The ridiculous of that situation needs no elaboration. And that same ridiculousness has made its way to Australian shores. To the Australian Football League, a fast-paced and brutal game that involves tackling and crashing bodies.

Recently, a 100 KG, six-foot-two newly crowned female by the name of Hannah Mouncey was sensibly barred from competing in the women’s league, despite meeting the estrogen requirements to compete in female Olympic competition (crazy to me). Put kindly, Hannah is a beast – Shoulders like a Maori warrior and a jawline that would make John Wayne question his masculinity. There’s no doubt she would straight up murder even the most hawkish tomboy.

These journalists and virtue signaling progressives protesting the AFL’s decision have put the safety of others secondary to their insecure need to be seen as a good person. I will repeat myself: Transgender people have no place competing in female sports. I don’t care how good their fellatio is or how game her female counterparts are. Bravery isn’t always wise, and sometimes people need to be saved from themselves.

Hannah Mouncey has no place in the women’s league because she can’t reverse her bone structure, her weight or her pain threshold. Trans people deserve safety, acceptance and kindness. What they don’t get to do is put others at risk because their personal narrative doesn’t align with their birth. Women should compete against other biological women and men should compete against other biological men. If transgenders want to play sports, then it has to be in the league of the sex their birth certificate oppressively labeled them. Or even a whole new trans-only league. Afterall, trans people are usually the ones claiming theres more than 2 genders.

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Agree with this 100%!