Crooked Clinton The Crybaby

Written by Al S. Drozd

Almost a year after her loss to a man who was only in politics as a hobby, life-long politician Hillary Clinton is still crying about the defeat. Her tantrum has gone on for so long now that I don’t know whether to pity her or to envy her resolve. After her interview on last night’s Four Corners though, I am certain it is the former.

The interview is 45 minutes of Clinton acting like a bitter and wronged child, blaming any and everyone else for the loss without accepting any personal responsibility. Instead, Clinton rejects the fact that her calling millions of Americans deplorable had anything to do with the result and mentions Wikileaks 13 times, Julian Assange 2 times and Putin 5 times, coming in close to one excuse for every 2 minutes of footage.

Despite mentioning the leaked emails (which Clinton claims is a theft that is actually, ah, more significant than Watergate”) 8 times, Clinton never once addressed the content of the emails – her lying to the world, starting an oil war with Libya and laughing over the innocent causalities – and even goes to complain that the leaked emails overshadowed the leak of Trump’s “Grab em by the pussy” tape. Yes, with a straight face, ignorant of any hypocrisy, Clinton complains that one leak outweighed the other. That is akin to complaining your enemies have more devastating weapons than you do in a war.

And why did Clinton’s leaked emails outshadow Trump’s leaked rant? Ontop of Clinton holding federal office at the time – compared to Trump who was only a reality TV star – mass murder, a fake war and complete lack of empathy ought to concern any rational person more than a few stupid words. Yes, I know I already covered the contents of her leaked emails but thought I should do so again to make up for Clinton completely ignoring them in the interview.

But as Clinton’s tantrum dragged on and on like a baby on an airplane, her ulterior motive became clear: Clinton mentions her new book (which I guarantee is ghostwritten) 16 times and turns the interview into an infomercial. This is the same book in which Clinton compares her treatment to Cersei’s walk of shame in Game Of Thrones and misinterprets Orwell’s 1984. In the interview, Clinton claims that in addition to enlightening the real reasons she lost (Assange, Putin, etc) the book serves as a cautionary tale to all Western democracies. One they will have to pay for though. As if her and her feminist/rapist husband, who make on average more than $200,000 for just giving a speech, don’t already have enough money.

This is the reason Clinton frightens me so much more than Trump. Not because of her vendetta against a fellow Australian, because she was dumb enough to send such abhorrent emails from her government address (even high school trolls know to make a fake email – it takes 2 minutes) or her attitude towards Russia which could result in the nuclear war the world thought they evaded when the Soviet Union collapsed but, simply, because she has the mentality of a Bond villain who would only see the Presidency as a stepping stone to total world domination. For Crooked Hilary Clinton, the world isn’t enough.

“There’s something wrong with Hillary Clinton. It is not just her constant lying. It is not just that she throws off menacing glares and seethes thwarted entitlement. Watch closely. Something much darker rides along with it. A cold creepiness rarely seen.”

– Julian Assange

Another interesting statistic from the interview is that Clinton staggers so much that the word “ah” is uttered 216 times, roughly 4 times per minute.

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