Democracy On Life Support?

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Freedom, tolerance, the pursuit of happiness (whatever that looks like) and the right to define your own life are all Western democratic ideals. But with more Westerners choosing holidays over children and more Muslims choosing SUVs over birth control, the possibility of an ethnically shifting society may go unnoticed until our Grandchildren refuse to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast.

The cornerstone of any functioning democracy is conflict. Left vs right. Liberal vs conservative. Labor vs liberal. And the people using their votes to lay the path society is to follow. At least that’s what we’re told…

But does democracy really exist? And, if so, what are the problems threatening this ancient ideal? Mass immigration, demographic shifts, run-in-the-mill idiots, dishonest media, revolutionary rhetoric, a deviation from our historical origins and stagnant politicians, all of which make contemporary Western Democracy look like a basket case, far from the luxury that comes with being the first world.

Democracy is as European as pizza, health care and a liberal outlook on sex. Very few countries outside of Europe (and its descendants – USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc) practice democracy on their own accord. That takes a fleet of F-35 jets. But with our European heritage becoming more and more diluted and our freedoms wasting away, the average Western citizen can only fear are we wasting away with it?

Choosing who leads you isn’t ubiquitous. There was a time when voting didn’t exist and another when females or peasants (is their a difference?) were excluded from voting. Both seem malignant nowadays, but you have to ask yourself whether an uneducated potato farmer had an adequate grasp of contemporary politics to deserve a vote.

The United States was founded upon collective ideals shared by the population. The values did differentiate, just not drastically. British settlers may have had disagreements but their Christian values tied them together and they were able to come to a solution through discussion. With the population of Western countries shifting (DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH!!!!!!!), that common ground is what’s missing. Without our shared historical ties, preserving Western democracy may prove to be impossible. New cultures can improve a society, certainly, but when the new outnumber the native, the local population becomes marginalised. Regardless of your opinion on that matter, a transformation is taking place, it’s just simple math.

Brexit and President Trump have thrown a wrench into the cogs of Western democracy. Brexit is quickly turning into facade, with politicians on Britain’s right doing everything but enacting what their citizens voted for. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s agenda is resisted at every point, even from fellow Republicans who are, in turn, rejecting the everyday Republican. If we hold elections and the country makes its decision, yet politicians refuse to fight for it, who are they? What is their motive? And why do we need them?

Sure, some advanced, intergalactic society is preferable to Western democracy but Stargate is only fictional and the West is all we have. It can always be improved upon, certainly, but at the moment the West is undoubtedly the best. Western democracy can survive its modern problems but in order for that to happen, we cannot underestimate them.

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