The Story So Far – 3 Month Recap

As we near the end of our third month, ourĀ Frimaire, we thought it would be a good time to look back on what we’ve published so far and select a few our of favourite pieces that newer readers might have overlooked.

We’ve published over 80 pieces by a range of authors in our first 90 days and the ones listed below make up less than a quarter of that. So if you’re autistic enough to enjoy any of them, scroll through our archives, there’s a lot more shit in there. And thanks for reading – it is a dying hobby in this insta-world of ours.

Staff Picks

Fled Zeppelin – A short speculative fiction story set in the aftermath of a West/East nuclear war.

Antifa Magic Lessons – Some satirical magic tips from your friendly neighbourhood antifa comrade.

Interview With An Aussie Aetherian – An interview that delves into the beliefs and lifestyle of the Aetherius Society, a new-aged alien cult.

Alexander The Great VS Napoleon Bonaparte – An alternate history battle between two of history’s greatest generals.

Comrade Chronicles – An insight into the daily life of one of Sydney’s feared Antifa Comrades.

Free-To-Die-TV – A news piece summarising the financial aid given to Australia’s dying free-to-air TV industry that quickly evolves into an irreverent attack on the outdated media model.

Have We Evolved Into Fearful Men? – A short piece that reevaluates Edward R Murrow’s famous ‘Fearful Men’ speech with the modern zeitgeist.

Aliens Are Harvesting Our Insecurities – It’s fucking true man.

Is Social Media A Secular Cult? – Evidence that Mark Zuckerberg is a cult leader.

Our Petition To Deport ACA’s Tracy Grimshaw To Syria – If you have a conscience, you will sign this.


Reader Picks

The Last Antichrist – A two part article that chronicles and speculates on Nostradamus’s Antichrist prophecy.

Harrison Bergeron, The Cis White Male, Got What He Deserved – Analysing Kurt Vonnegut’s classic short story through the lens of a modern day progressive.

Time For A New Hobby – Do we really need cyclists? Chevy Chinburn says N-Fucking-O.

Parallel History – Using the past to extrapolate the future.

Dystopian Cliches Dumb People Make Seem Utopian – Pretty much what it sounds like. Asking why these tropes are so staunchly considered to be bad when they might even be beneficial.

No One Cares Bro – A millennial hate piece.

The Revolution Will Not Be Trending – Another Antifa hit piece, this time in the form of a leaked group IM chat, from the future…

Coked Up & Kidnapped In Capetown – An interview with an Australian who was kidnapped in one of the world’s most dangerous cities while on a week-long cocaine bender.

SF Writers That Should Have Started A Cult Instead Of LRH – Science Fiction authors who would have made a better cult than L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology.

Anything By Our Resident Intersectional Trans-Gender-Non-Conforming Feminist Ally To Muslims & People Of Colour – Some might consider Buzz Huffington’s views to be progressive even by progressives standards or, dare I say it – radical – but we all believe that if there were more people like Buzz (and xher idol, Meryl Streep) then Orange Hitler never would have stolen power through the evil democratic system, white people wouldn’t be allowed on TV and water would taste like fairy floss while also burning fat.

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