We Need A Gaddafi Not A Turnbull!

Written by Al S. Drozd

Unless this is your first visit to Relentless, you probably know how we feel about modern day Communists, the filthy swine. But that doesn’t exactly mean we love Capitalism. That is a common misunderstanding, translatable to the problem of red lights. Some people think that without red lights or capitalism, the world would be doomed to anarchy while others feel that overthrowing either system would magically fix every problem there is. There is a middle ground between these extremes though, one that Australia has been threading for years but now finally seems at risk.

To the average free-market-loving American, a socialised healthcare and welfare system seems sacrilegious. But to most Australians, both are an integral aspect of any progressive society. In fact, free market Capitalism disgusts me, the way prisons are treated as businesses and the sick are denied treatment due to a lack of insurance. It’s an outdated attitude, on par with debtors prison.

Despite all of the United State’s achievements, which I am certainly thankful for, I fear the day Australia transforms into a pseudo US, a day that not only seems inevitable but appears to be coming closer and closer: the privatisation of our national airline QANTAS in 1994, of our national telco Telstra in 1997 and health insurer Medibank in 2004, to list a few.

And now this ridiculous energy crisis that seems to have been taken from some absurdest novel. Australia is the world’s 2nd largest gas exporter, yet Australians are now threatened with the possibility of paying more than double what international customers pay for Australian gas. How has something so truly ridiculous occurred? And why is the Turnbull government afraid to step in and force the companies mining our gas to reduce exports and lower local prices?

The Labor party has been parading these questions for most of the year but I bet the party’s roles in this farce would just be reversed if Labor were in power. Turnbull says that these solutions are naive, fail to account for the economy of the mining industry and that the earliest he could curb gas exports is the first day of the new year.

But I say fuck the “honourable” Malcolm Turnbull and his bitch arse leather jacket and then repeat the sentiment to hisĀ dumb-cowboy hat-wearing deputy, Barnaby Joyce. Get some balls, do a Ghadaffi, and let Australians profit from Australian resources, or at least not go broke paying for them! Clinton is out of power, so there’s no need to worry about her illegal Armada committing war crimes against us.

Now is the time when the Australian government needs to step in and seize control of gas exports and power prices, to say damn to the Capitalist free market system while they still can. Each decade more and more privatisation seeps into Australian society and soon it will be too late, and the market control that elevates our country above the rest of the world (check out the positions of our capital cities on the Economist’s Global Liveability RankingĀ list you international plebs and, as we claim anything good that comes out of New Zealand, don’t forget to include NZ cities as Australian) will be as lost as the glory days of the United States.

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