Escaping to Misery

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Peaceful minds are as rare as an intelligent celebrity. Self-importance is on the rise and our emotions seem to be getting the better of us. The number one trait for a content life is emotional intelligence. Emotion has the word motion in it for a reason, feelings flow like traffic. As you hit agitating red lights, exasperating near collisions, steep corners, relish smooth highway drives with your favourite song playing, and soon or later finish the journey. Exiting the car bringing you a sense of relief. It’s the cathartic release of plunging onto a couch or hugging a loved one that calms that chaos in your mind. The highway of negativity only lasts when you update its story and constantly search for other memories to validate it.

With the permanent stimuli that encumbers modern living, we’re left constantly running from ourselves. Avoiding pain, hiding from the introspective life advice our stomachs subconsciously push throughout our body. The modern man doesn’t lack for escapism, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, internet, smartphones, apps, movies, tv shows etc, are all trees of the same seed. These are pleasurable pastimes, fulfilling our senses as they empty our souls.

I’m not here to preach, I love entertainment, orgasms and alcohol. The old adage that moderation is key remains germaine, although not always correct. Moderation is boring, extremism is entertaining. Drunkenly pumping a 14 year old Chinese prostitute to momentarily forget you’re 28 year old neckbearded freak living in your Dad’s garage isn’t healthy. However enduring years of meditation to develop into a Tantric sex guru, who hosts sex parties in paradise garden. With the Intention to cum for an hour straight transcending the metaphysical world to enter enlighten infinite bliss, draws admiration. Two sides of a very different coin. Drugs invoke your demons or enhance your consciousness. All depends on what your internal monkey mind is saying.

Today we engage in warfare with our true selves, instead batmanning our way out of the cave we just call emergencies services to scoop us out, while watching prank videos on youtube to quell the fear. No effort required. Every negative feeling is combatted with  a way to distract from it.  Bad breakup? Netflix. Hard day at work? Drinking beer to forget. Shit day job? Smoke some weed. No friends? Vicariously simulate connection through snapchat and social media. Can’t get a girlfriend? Watch porn and pretend that’s you making a girl feel good.

All these behaviours mimic what we wish we had going in real life. Only improving ourselves to materialise our desires takes energy. Energy that is sapped with placating behaviours.Depression, anxiety, sadness, anger, joy, fear all act as signals. The logic may not be crystal clear, but the meaning is there.

Emotions react to our thoughts and streamline through our body. Personal turmoil can be physically painful. We often have visceral reactions to tragedies. Anxiety causes suffocation, shortening you breath and in severe cases passing out. Mind, body and spirit act as one. Confusion is common, and clarity lies within. You can never really suppress emotion, only channel it into other areas. Carrying around baggage manifests itself in other ways.
Not identifying the root cause of sadness results in you unconsciously lashing out. Losing control of yourself, turning into something you regret in hindsight. Angrily lashing out over minor incidents, road rage, withdrawing from others, self sabotage, gossip, excessive alcohol consumption, nagging loved ones, are all low vibrational behaviours when done to camouflage internal distress or gratify our choices.

Gossiping is just a way to make yourself feel better about your poor life choices. And if you’re putting your wife’s head threw a wall over misplaced car keys, chances are it isn’t the root issues here. Digging up personal demons that generate insatiable emotions within us is a bitter endeavour. Discipline is necessary.

This woman clearly has some serious issues she playing hide and seek with. Hiding while seeking distractions. Her self-hatred has become so destructive that her perfect world view being shutted by Trumps victory is causing her to scream into oblivion. The negativity has eaten her alive. If life is a pendulum swinging from ecstasy to despair, the chain broke and fell into wet concrete. Cementing her misery indefinitely. This womans shit life has accomplished nothing worthwhile. Her perpetual evasion of introspection has diverted her emotional purification, into the impossible task of changing the world to meet her standards. When she woke up on inauguration day, nothing in her life had changed except the outlet she expressed her agony. She proclaims that there is so much beauty in the world, yet there’s nothing beautiful about her in that moment.. She had succumbed hysteria. Capitulating to distraction.

The true source of her agony could be giving up an art career, failed relationships, not having kids, Gilmore Girls being cancelled or a torturous childhood. Rectifying those issues takes too much courage and hardship. It’s way easier to just scream into an echo chamber and distract yourself with false ideal that your pain is caused by external factors. The Orange in chief validates her constant affliction.

Long-term depression can be a result of procrastination, not finding a purpose, a purpose that can be unlocked by listening to your gut feeling.

Sugar, alcohol, internet, sex all activate dopamine pleasure centers of the brain, They take us away from ourselves for a moment. Never allowing yourself to sit down and address what’s happening within you. You never get to find yourself. Every negative has a positive. If you’re sad, it means you have the capacity to be happy. Anger arises from things not being how you want them to be, luckily if you analyse the source of the anger it gets you closer to what you want. Knowing what you want is the first step in achieving it. Truly sitting with your feelings lets you understand that the come and go, it helps you actualize what you are and what you value. Why are you sad? Why are you depressed? There’s a meaning behind everything, find what is before it destroys you. Time doesn’t heal all wounds.


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