I Love Margaret Court

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Margaret Court should be stabbed to death. I don’t care that she has donated vast sums of money to charity or lived a non-violent benevolent life. The witch needs to be hunted down, stripped and then publicly lynched. End her heretic bloodline. Tennis achievements mean nothing when you don’t endorse anal sex. The psychoneurotic response to differing opinions is bloodthirsty.

Margaret Court is 75 years old, 25 years away from death in the best case scenario, she could perish tomorrow. Raised in a time capsule, the world that surrounds her now is completely disparate to the fond memories of her childhood. Of course her attitude isn’t progressive.

She was a tremendous woman, pioneering women’s tennis in a genuine patriarchal era. Claiming many female firsts(not a lesbians virginity though), putting her protestant work ethic into an athletic career. A talent worthy of an arena. However feminist achievements only matter when you support abortion. Your vagina can be revoked with dissidence.

It has be acknowledged, Mrs Courts audacity should be applauded.  Not only did she double down on her statement, she uproariously implied tennis is full of lesbians that groom young girls to their degenerate lifestyle. Take a bow Margaret, you’re the reason I love old people. These comments were cushioned with the nurturing sentiment of respect to how individual choose to lead their lives. She’s indifferent to one personal choices, but the holy spirit undeniably declared marriage between a man and a women. The traditional family unit must be respected.

Liberal protesters constantly cite suicide rates among LGBT youth, linking “hateful” religious comments as one of the reasons behind it. I argue that if Margaret Court’s traditional values makes you want to commit suicide, you probably have deep seated issues that  Freud couldn’t even explain.

Margaret Court is being bullied, taking away her stadium because of an opinion is a form of persecution.  Entering hysteria over an old Christians ideals doesn’t make you a good person. It shines on your lack of humanity. Defending Christian in modern day Australia will have you meeting the same fate as jesus. Although for all the shortcomings of Christians, true believers have a genuine love for the fellow man. Despite being shit on in every sense of the world, Christians are the most charitable people per capita, and have always been known to lend a helping hand when asked.

To all the sexually experimenting Uni students who are still confused as to whether to dye their hair green or pink. If you can’t express compassion towards elderly, no matter how repugnant you find their viewpoints, you have the same religious thought pattern you viscerally denounce. Abolishing Margaret Court monuments makes your beliefs appear as dogmatic as Medieval book burning.

There’s are the same Soy milk sipping pansies that desecrate Anzac Day, and humorlessly attack comedians for daring to make insensitive jokes.  Margaret Court rose to heights you’ll never have the hard work to imitate. Stop creating meaning in your idle life by crying foul every time your shallow ego is bruised.

Anyone who lasts 70 years on this planet deserves at least modicum of respect. Old age is an achievement. Holding them to modern day thinking is asinine. Being that desperate to virtual signal you’ll bully a senile old bible basher instead of campaigning for the yes vote is diabolical. Disagreement is essential to a functioning democracy, personally vilifying others only proves how pathetic your life is. Love must trump hate, hate on hate only continues the cycle of negativity. So get over yourself, those wrinkled nut bugs did play a part in the freedoms we enjoy today.

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