Written by Chevy Chinburn

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The turmoil that happened in Charlottesville has me reflecting on the future of race relations. Is Australia immune ethnic discord? Historically no, Cronulla riots was potentially the burgeoning of ethnic disharmony. A concept foreign to the modern Australian ethos. Luckily it hasn’t been repeated.

That seems contradictory considering the nation was birthed on indigenous genocide. We’ve had low points, Japanese and German World War 2 internment, the stolen generation and Romper Stomper inspired gangland wars between Australian criminals and Vietnamese gangs. All loathsome though behind the retina of public eye. Hearing is different to witnessing. Watching Cronulla erupt in Chaos sent shivers down my spine.  Rampaging animalistic mobs was only seen amongst bogan football supporters bored of hitting their wives.

There’s two sides to every story, unfortunately the mainstream narrative uses to different brushes to paint both sides. Menacing labelling all whites as inherently racist is deceptive as it is inaccurate. Generalising all Lebanese males as gang rapists is just as perilous. Hatred is defeated with exposure, but we can’t ignore the facts. We must learn from other countries mistakes.

Looking from the outside in, American society is obsessed with race. Everyone’s an expert and there’s enough information out there to support all agendas. Race envy is a real thing, disdain and jealousy towards whites  find its platform on social media. Not exclusively among non-whites either, White nationalism is the new Nazism. Assaulting an alt-right meme lord guarantees viral adulation.

I abhor identitarian politics in all forms. Personal creed is what matters. It’s time to insulate ourselves from the missteps of our European cultural cousins. America and Europe have genuine ethnic tension. Its undeniable. A lot blame Trumps working class populism for the emboldenment of ‘white supremacy”, it’s true Trump isn’t the most eloquent human, and his moral fibre is rather dubious. However digging deeper than that we must look at how this impossibility became a reality. Trump is nothing man than a living protest of dissatisfaction at the current political climate. The human molotov cocktail. Ten years ago pussy grabbing Donald would’ve never been able take on the monolith that is corporate media.  Times have changed, just like a repressed Catholic girl who beds her first black guy to outrage her scrupulous father. Certain fringe sections of the population are voicing their internal repression due to a cornered rat type mentality.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, individualism is what propelled the Western Civilisation to the monica of the first world, so great everyone else was relegated to second or third place. Individualism has always been the answer. Feminists can’t conceivably speak for all woman, Black Lives Matter isn’t supported by all Blacks and not all whites are jingoistic. Responsibility lies on the individual, freedom for all is absolutely the answer. The far right and far left are just bellicose people expressing childhood anger. Ideologues clinging to unreachable destination for happiness. Neither world will ever exist, but both gain traction from identity politics.

Identity politics regresses back to tribal mindsets. Collectivism has never worked, it results in group think. What team do I fit into. There’s no reason to explore your own ideas when you’re part of a group. It promotes tribal tendencies, foments mob rule and has people looking at others like the enemy. For identity politics to continue there must be an enemy, mainstream culture promotes white oppression. Everything going wrong in your life is because of white people. Who wouldn’t want to scapegoat others for their personal failures? Convincing the disenfranchised that they’re not at fault is easy as pie. The majority of people will choose the easier method of survival. Hard work is only for the driven, and the motivated definitely make up the minority.

What makes identity politics so perverted is it latches onto legitimate historically injustice. The best lies have a hint of truth in them. Black empowerment isn’t something to fear, police losing control of law and order is. The perpetuation of identity politics relies  on coloured people remaining victims. Rising above poverty takes self-esteem and perseverance. Instilling a helplessness onto minorities only fuels unrest. Even the idea of minorities is disenfranchising, the west is all about the individual creating their own paradise. Constantly reinforcing the notion of racism combats any progress that has been made. Race relations are getting better, injustice where it can be proved must be annihilated. Just like positive progress must be highlighted.

The dangerous aspect of these ideas lies in the demeaning of white people. If you continue to label White males as garbage, eventually they will fight back. Liberals assert that harsh policies towards Muslims only fuels ISIS propaganda,  well that logic must be used with white people. Ostracizing whites turns them into perfect prey for Alt-right predators looking to forward ethnic division. Violently attacking their right to assemble continues to prop their victimhood narrative. Identity politics leaves everyone victimised, blacks, hispanics, and women are oppressed by the pasty skin, the pale skinned devils either accept this or fight back. The Alt-Right has successfully marketed themselves as a rebellion against the mainstream movement, and don’t youth going through an identity crisis just love sedition.

The institutions most complicit is this disarray of confused activism is the mainstream media. Trust in corporate media is quickly eroding, and if there’s one lesson to learn from divided states of America it this. Don’t jump to conclusions unless you know the entire story and are sure of your sources. Freedom of speech is the best defence. Don’t punch Nazis, laugh at them. Rebut antiquated hate and expose it for what it is. If you talk about something long enough it manifests into reality. Racism won’t stand the test of intellectual debate. Differences in race are real, that’s not racist that’s reality. It doesn’t mean we can’t live together in harmony, although for amiable relations freedom of expression is essential. We can’t police language, we can only educate. Allowing people to talk openly about their concerns goes a long way in alleviating falsehoods.

The media isn’t interested in balance, it has obviously picked what side its on. Leaving many to wonder what their true agenda is. They are no friend of white nationalism. There are no innocents, the Alt-Right organisers espouse vitriol that agitates many. Anger can’t be an excuse for violence, no matter how fervently you disagree with someone. The battle of ideas is the only battle worth winning. The unknown is the breeding ground of fear, respectfully understanding both sides leaves us more likely to find a solution.

Australia is infected with the same shitstorm Murdoch and lefty media that created the hilarity that is Donald Trump. The media will quickly denounced the racists Australians attacking peaceful Lebanese immigrants, without properly addressing Lebanese harassment of young women and group attacks on lifesavers. Similarly to how the media aggressively villainesses Alt-Right demonstrators as they acquiescence to Antifa’s storied history of violent civil unrest. No side is right, and no side is innocent, the full story must come to light so that rationality prevails. America is heading in a dark direction, one we must make a conscious effort not to follow. Truth above agenda is the only solution.

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