In Defense of White People

Written by Chevy Chinburn

The pernicious genetic continuation of white people, in particular white males who have been found guilty of  malevolent intent simply by being born into comfort. Just being pasty and alive implicates you as an oppressor. We could argue about race related crime statistics, or IQ differences between ethnicities, reasons for western wealth, imperialistic robbery and do African-Americans really deserve reparations. All fruitless conversations that lead nowhere good.

I deplore identity politics all in forms, whether it be Black Lives Matter attacking whites or Alt-right autists spewing racial hatred in search of a past world that’s  destined to sit in ashes next to the urn of Prussian Monarchs and nationalistic fascism. We can’t move forward looking backwards. The Western World has had a thunderous history, dichotomised by grey skies of bloodshed and resplendent sunshine emanating virtue, fascinating literature  and technological ingenuity. They say take the good with the bad, but the status quo promoting itself through government education, media and culture all take the bad with the bad.

The idea that the world was one big kumbuya choir circle filled with joy and elegance before white people raped, pillaged and stole the emperor’s new clothes has been accepted as fact. All these woke millennials have a pathological compulsion to stand up for every culture but their own. Anytime a controversial relevant issue is debated in public the discussion routinely returns to how heinous British colonialism was.  Christianity committed crimes in the past therefore all other religions are above criticism. Homosexuality was once illegal so now straight guys have to have sex withs Transgender woman, otherwise they’re just another transphobic caucasian hell bent on control.

For all its faults, I do generally believe in Western exceptionalism. I don’t agree with every foreign war, or believe every non-westerner is a primitive savage in need of “civilising”.  I endorse leading by example, spreading our most cherished ideas peacefully, literature imperialism. It’s ironic that progressives revile the “racist patriarchy driven” yet militantly endorse mass migration. I’m not exaggerating either, the far-left will hurl molotov cocktails at anyone who dare defy mass third world migration. If America is truly burning with hate, why throw more people into the inferno.

Pale skinned sins seem to reflect so brightly that we’re blinded to questionable aspects of other cultures. We get blamed for colonialism, slavery, misogyny, and homophobia. Indefensible actions doubtlessly, but if we’re guilty of anything, it’s being better at it. Dan Carlin claims we’re all related to someone who committed a genocide and fell victim to one. We can historically judge all ethnic groups through the vase of modern morality, problem is no one’s hands will be clean after it.

Colonialism is maligned, every school kid is taught about the barbarity of British settlers who depopulated local indigenous tribes in Australia. It needs to be contextualised properly to understand the reasons. The Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese all mapped out Australia has a possible vassal state, Aussie’s could have avoided  high skin cancer rates if the Spanish got here first. What they also fail to mention is the Japanese element. The prime example of autocratic occupation can be seen in Japanese control of the Korean peninsula from 1910-1945. They murdered the military age men, impregnated the women attempting to breed them out and outlawed the Korean language forcing Japanese to replace Korean in schools. Progressives will shout about Australian being on stolen land ignoring the marauding death brigade that was blitzkrieging it’s way to Northern Queensland.

The Japanese had put 70 percent of Asia to the sword as they descended on Papua New Guinea, only to be halted by the undermanned civilian 19th Australian infantry battalion. Does anyone really believe that if the Japanese breached Australian shores they would of let the Aboriginals live in peace? What happened to the peaceful Aboriginals wasn’t fair, life rarely is, despite their brilliant ability to live off the land, they couldn’t defend it and any territory that can’t be defended is inevitably conquered.

I mentioned Spanished imperialism, with all the outrage at Donald Trump’s agenda at deporting illegal immigrants, we failed to realise that Mexicans aren’t historically innocent. Once a Mexican enters America he is labeled oppressed due to his brown skin, however if you send them twenty kilometres south of the border they become the oppressor. Ethnic Spaniards aren’t native to Mexico, they inflicted mass depopulation on the natives just like the British settlers. The progressive world view only accepts white historical crimes, the pigmentation of their skin absolves Mexicans from all their past atrocities. The Spanish also participated in the slave trade.

Slavery is amoral, indefensible and highlights the cruelty humans can impose on their fellow man. The effects of slavery are still reverberating today. The transatlantic slave trade is where a majority of African Americans descend from. With roughly 10-11 million blacks being shipped over to the Land of the free, for white christians at least. Demanding reparations is in vogue, black Americans feel they are owed something. Probably right, they may be owed so money. Although we can’t ignore the fact that at the height of slavery, only around five percent of whites had slaves and economically benefitted from the practise. We can’t overlook Europeans being the first civilisation to make slavery illegal, or the amount of whites who died fighting for emancipation.

Slavery is hard to apologise for, so I’m not going too, only add some context to the situation. Whites had slaves that is true, a lot of America was built of free labour that is also true. Just like it’s true that Jews were the masters of it all, Muslims enslaved over one million white Europeans during the same period and most blacks stolen from Africa were taken to Brazil, where they weren’t allowed to breed. Hence why there’s so few surviving blacks.  There’s the inconvenient actuality that most Africans were sold into slavery by other Africans, do Morrocans owe Sub-Saharan Africans reparations? You could try demanding money from Jewish overlords, granted I doubt you would get very far.

Placing the burden of Homophobia and misogyny on Western countries is completely ridiculous to the point it’s almost worth not mentioning. Misogyny definitely exists along with homophobia. These intolerant attitudes can be found all over the world. The severity of such viewpoints varies from getting burnt alive to an elderly Christian couple turning up the noses at you. Have a guess what region in the world typically throws gays off buildings and where some people won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding. The Middle East isn’t exactly known for its progressive values, though that won’t stop progressives from calling you racist for not unquestionable accepting medieval practises. Many Western countries have or are on their way to legalising gay marriage, the Middle East is still stuck debating whether you throw fags off buildings or burn them alive. Oddly not one African community has legitimised homosexuality. Certain Islamic communities still perform female genital mutilation to “purify” their woman, that’s child’s play compared to some men taking up a lot of space on public transport. Tall men with long legs are the true enemy of females.

Self deprecation seems to be the new opiate of the masses for the first world. Europe’s embarrassing history has caused European youth to abandon the tradition that saw it rise to the pinnacle of civilisation. Holding their history in contempt has them spiralling into the oblivion of chaos courtesy of Islam and all the third world beliefs that come with it. If you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for nothing.

What progressives fail to understand by patronising and tolerating intolerance under the guise of diversity is our strength. It hurts the victims of such primitive behaviour, placing Islam above rebuke punishes all the young girls who are being forced into child marriage and having their genitals mutilated in the name of allah. It continues the suffering of gay muslims who should be able to seek refuge over here away from the persecution of fundamentalist ideology. Perpetuating the idea that blacks are forever victims disempowers them leaving feeling helpless and not in control of their lives. There are legitimate horrors committed by Western powers, blacks are have been systematically  oppressed. I just truly believe the good outweighs the bad. Where else in the world can you chop of your penis and be hailed a social hero, that kind of nonsense will get you beaten to death in Russia.

Western excellence is undebatable, everyone wants to come here, it gives the best gift a country can give. The freedom to be who you want, if we start hating ourselves it doesn’t just hurt us, it hurts the entire world. People don’t hate us, they want their country to be as safe as ours, as prosperous and tolerant. Don’t sell out our civilisation with the notion that we’re the reason the worlds so fucked up, when in truth, we’re the light the world needs to show them what can be.

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