The Cross Dressing Misdirection

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Universal problems and public debate have been essential to putting forth ideas that shape contemporary culture. Communal concerns are the locomotive behind evolution.  The Greatness of a man can be measured by the quality of his problems. Aspiration for ingenuity, craving for prosperity and devotion to overcoming societal obstacles leading civilization into a superior future. All stem from the challenges thrown at us.

Tremendous thinkers are the byproduct of immense problems. Catholicism feasted on the ignorance combated by Renaissance intellectuals . Population growth created the Steam Train. And fear of nuclear armed Nazi’s compelled J. Robert Oppenheimer (ironically of Jewish German Descent) to transform the meaning of destruction by inventing the Atom Bomb.

Our Grandparents bravely fought the Third Reich, our parents persisted through the Cold War with the constant threat of Nuclear Armageddon, and now this generation is confronted the headache of two butt plugs wanting to get married.

Disclaimer for spastics: I never have and never will care about gay people. I encourage them to spend more time with each others cocks in their mouth, maybe then they would stop complaining for ten minutes.

A plethora of potentially apocalyptic dilemmas threaten to change the world as we know it, yet the majority of under 30’s biggest passion is getting the Church to validate gay love.

Love is love, as long as you’re not hurting your fellow man, I can’t see any genuine opposition to the celebration of a relationship. My personal position is that homosexuals have become the irritating alarm clock routinely awakening my inner arsehole that loves antagonising the mob just for the fuck of it.

Firstly, marriage is a religious institution. For a subset of penis inclined males that openly detest the regressive social attitudes of Christianity,  the blood lust for religious validation comes across as paradoxical. The government already offers tax benefits to registered gay couples, why not just host a fake ceremony in a backyard with a bunch of good friends to celebrate?

Homosexuals are falsely being taught to believe people hate them. Bum sex is ubiquitously accepted. Even old school bigots who want to intern Muslims and evangelical Christians tolerate man love, operating on the principle of “just keep it away from me”, a far cry from imprisonment. You’ve won, congratulations, football teams, actors, businesses and musicians all promote acceptance of this classic sin.

Just watch that protest, When did Donald Trump say gays can’t dance?, Do these imbeciles seriously think Mike Pence is infuriated at the sight of boys kissing? Do they really believe that he’s flush with anger, scheming to wipe them out of existence? There’s too much information and light on the plight of the Dot Hunters for any true suppression to happen. The Media froths with delight when they find a story of homosexual discrimination

I want my politicians to focus on lowering taxes, reducing government, foreign threats and the impending danger of Climate change. I couldn’t give a fuck about gay marriage, if a referendum happens, I’ll vote yes because I’d never stomp on the pursuit of another’s happiness. My only advice is don’t wait for a parliamentary vote to be happy. Straight couples have tried marriage for thousands of years and from what I hear they can’t fucking stand it. Marriage isn’t the foundation of joy. If it was legalized tomorrow the only tangible change would be the rainbow colours over your facebook profile picture. Until I’m proven wrong I don’t see gay marriage  lowering the crime rate or fixing traffic congestion.

Unfortunately for the fags, their issues have been lumped in with the Transgender community. An unholy kinky alliance. Horrible marketing for the homos, considering gay people actually make sense, while lady boys are the consequence of a confused childhood. Fighting for the grievances of dedicated crossdressers isn’t alleviating my agitation towards baloney. Donald Trump reinvigorated “transgender suffering” by banning eunuchs from military service. The puritanical outrage is palpable, but comical considering that people are opposed to America bombing civilians, yet angered trannies can’t participate.

The Media is angered that the oppressed transgender community isn’t allowed to oppress brown people overseas. Reason is rare, and normal is now absurd.

An army is suppose to be ruthlessly efficient, with the marines basically signing up to suffer post traumatic stress. I don’t see how deliberately deploying people with a mental illness requiring expensive hormone medications helps you on the battlefield. Stick to Abba karaoke nights and writing Vice articles. Being discharged from the army is a positive. I bet draft dodges wish they had that excuse during Vietnam.

To show how far we’ve sunk. think about this: JFK declared he wanted to put a man on the moon while Obama vowed to put a man in the female bathroom.

There’s a limit to the amount to caring, just like there’s a finite amount of focus and attention we can pay. World War 3, Climate Change, Debt based financial collapse, Illuminati depopulation, The Rise of China, African poverty and Mark Zuckerberg masturbating to your girlfriend’s nudes are going to command diligence and courage to conquer. The worlds changing, we have to address what’s really going to assure a bright future for our children.

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