True Counter Culture Is Freedom

Written by Chevy Chinburn

There’s something seductive about fighting the power, taking on the man, throwing a wrench in the system and resisting authority. Who hasn’t fantasized about defeating the nefarious bully figure? This combative attitude is especially prevalent in youth. Whenever there’s a mainstream culture, naturally there’s going to be a counter culture. This seditious energy has taken on various contrasting identities throughout history, the dethroning of Monarchies, Meritocracies, the birth of Capitalism, the birth of Communism, chastising of religion, Anti-war movements, social justice, environmental crusades and, ironically, modern day conservatism. How could all these seemingly contradictory philosophies be labelled counter culture? The answer lies the context.

The timeframe of certain ideas is important, all threatening to the incumbent power at the time of their germination, and all ending in the metamorphoses of something profoundly foreign to their original purpose. It’s simple really, there has always been a subconscious war guiding humanity’s spirit, a war between freedom and power, the controllers and the controlled. If you ever have trouble discerning what the true counter culture is, just look at the end goal because true opposition has always been about the fight for freedom, while the established power has always demonstrated its disdain for the unchained man. No matter what the movement looks like, no matter how noble the cause, if they’re after money, free materials or more government, I can guarantee you they are being manipulated by a group of crusty old men in suits hellbent on continuing their reign of relevancy.

We’re all born with a unique spirit within us, some are inclined to docility and a minority are born with a rambunctious, ‘FUCK YOU’ spirit that just can’t be contained. Good intentions are routinely and covertly co-opted by mischievous motivations. One way to avoid the honeypot is to notice the warning signs: if they want money, capitulation or more jurisdiction over the individual, run for the hills.

A prime example of fighting for freedom was the American Revolution. There were many ideals, and visions that led to the creation of the most polarizing nation in modern history. Merit, individual freedom, self-determination, etc. While winds of the enlightenment were howling through North America, the British settlers had revolutionary zeal just waiting for the igniting “let them eat cake” moment. It finally surfaced in the arrogant face of the British Monarch imprudently demanding taxes from what they saw as a vassal state. Power always intoxicates and, as most red nosed and yellowed skin alcoholics can verify, eventually the liver fails, the party ends and the sun rises.

The United States was founded upon enthusiasm and freedom while denouncing the avarice of the Monarch. Liberty or death!. Viewing the idea of tyrannical dynasties as antiquated, they regarded merit and the rule of the people as the only way forward. The American experiment personified everything established power traditionally hates. But the ambitions of the powerful eventually found a way to cajole the same revolutionary Jingoism into the status quo it had fought tooth and nail to defeat.

The founding fathers pursuing individual value-based transactions was the dawn of capitalism. The amount you earned was respective to how much value you brought to those around you. What can you provide that would be of merit? The late 19th century, however, saw the US stray from these founding principles, witnessed by prohibition, the outlawing of marijuana, wartime conscription and a central bank debt-based currency. The typical rigged, made to benefit the puppeteers, system asserted itself over the most productive civilization known to man. The table had flipped and freedom was no longer valued.

As the horrors of  the Vietnam War protruded past the constraints of Government propaganda, a radical new liberal movement was galvanizing the youth of America. The 1960s counterculture. They advocated tolerance, acceptance, pacifism and free love as the locomotive that led to a utopia. We’ve all seen the Woodstock documentaries, Hendrix serenading dirty hippies with Voodoo Child as they fornicate in sludge, high on acid, resisting the Right Wing puritanical authoritarianism pulsating through mainstream society. Tolerance was in the air. The progressive movement made popular by Woodrow Wilson had found a breeding ground in American universities. The youth wanted revolution, justice and equality. Once again, seemingly good intentions, right?

What progressivism has morphed into today, however, is completely foreign to its foundational beliefs. The man behind the curtains has once again opted not to fight, but to misdirect. Modern progressive tolerance has become the very fascism the 60’s progressives fucked on acid to protest. Battling for justice has militarised the historically tolerant left. Now it’s mainstream and wants your money. Modern progressives want more government, more concentrated power and the uppity right to forcefully suppress anyone that disagrees with them, opposing the freedom and meritocracy American was founded upon. Nowadays, merit is viewed as privilege that should be handicapped by modern day robin hoods. We’ve all heard TAX THE ONE PERCENT! but the one percent never get taxed, the bounty lies on the middle man. The middle class picks up the bill for sanctimonious sermons of the self described “good guys”, using fascist techniques of insult and targeted defamation to silence anyone that dares to think outside their box.

Every cause the radical left champions fundamentally leaves you penniless, Global Warming? Oh wait the earth’s not getting that much warmer better remarket it to Climate Change. How do we solve Climate Change? Easy, you pay taxes to multinational conglomerates that cap traditional “polluting energy” sources like coal and fossil fuels, expediently increasing energy prices for the average person, leading to further impoverishment, breaking down their quality of life, creating misery and making them easy to control. It’s always about control. Progressive’s additionally view themselves as the defender of minorities, supporting groups such as Black Lives Matter.

Remember when black people were scary? Remember when white parents lay awake at night terrified of the influence of black music? “Straight outta compton a crazy mother fucker named Ice Cube, from the gang called niggas with attitude”, now that’s based. Rap music was  counterculture to the core, brash, unapologetic, belligerent, seditious  and downright disturbing to mainstream America. They continued the black panthers legacy of fighting the police, channelling the same hate for the status quo into beats that made your head pop. It was an electrifying time. Fast forward 10 years and what do you find? Ice cube doing doing ride along movies dressed like a white golfer, and so called musician Activists like Beyonce and Jay z promoting the Black Lives Matter narrative while shilling for the epitome of establishment power Hillary Clinton. Remember when Muhammad Ali refused to go Vietnam “the Vietcong never called me no nigga”, now Jay z serving the same master Ali got handcuffs for defying.

Do I even need to tell you what the goals of Black Lives Matter are? Free shit, reparations for slavery, neo-marxist collectivist attitude of holding all white people accountable for past crimes and attacking the fabric of civil society in promoting violence against police.

This isn’t one sided, I definitely recognise and sympathise with the plight of African-Americans, they’ve gotten a raw deal, although how can you not laugh at some passionate “woke” talking head on CNN of all places, yelling about how white people are the devil and encouraging blacks to tear up their own neighbourhoods. Black lives matter’s main donor is a rich white man by the name of George Soros, apparently all these “woke”activists don’t understand history. Jews were just as involved as whites in the slave trade and here they are on the Jewish owned CNN proclaiming white people need to shut up and know their place. The cause may be different but the goal is the same: power and the silencing of the self-determining productive population.

This hysterical secular religion of tolerance, neo-marxists ideals of collective guilt has spawned one of the most ironic counter culture movements I’ve seen, Conservatism. Yes that’s right, in this day and age people, conservatism is now a dangerous position. The media encourages and foments hatred towards you, labelling nationalism as primitive, hateful and built on white supremacy. Conservatism has now become the modern day equivalent of libertarianism. The tolerant left now longer espousing the social liberal values, opting for violence and blackmail instead of dialogue, this has caused a large section of the population to revive their nationalistic ardor, increasingly due to important values such as freedom of speech under immense threat. The accepting facade of modern day liberals becoming less convincing, the inability for normal people to express concerns without the fear of judgment and downright rejection of facts bordering on lunacy now as blatant as Bill Cosby’s guilt. Western populations have resisted media fear tactics, opting not to listen to the establishment media for once, choosing what would’ve once been fringe politicians such as populist figures like Donald Trump, or Nigel Farage’s orchestrated Brexit.

Say what you will about the Trumpster, but you can’t deny that his election was the embodiment of people deciding their own fate, The Media, Celebrities, Foreign Politicians, Head of the UN and just about every talking head out there was outraged that he had the gall to run for President, and what happened was beautiful, and a total rejection of tyranny, despite all odds, they wanted him president and they got it. Freedom was resurrected, if only for a moment.

The devil always acts like he’s your friend, be wary of those who claim to have good intentions, always look at the objective of such causes, because freedom is always under attack, and if we get complacent the rug will be pulled out from under us. The main goal of the mainstream is to restrict individual freedoms, while the goal of the diligent must always be to preserve it.

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