Alternate American History. How different would a Confederate States, descendant from a Southern Civil War victory, really be?

Alternate American History

Written by Al S. Drozd


The fact that we think this is needed before such an article is an alarming sense of the utter stupidity of the post-modern radical left . They have made it so that we don’t want to publish anything that could possibly be associated with their retarded beliefs without such a disclaimer.

The truth of the matter, or so I believe, is that a lot of the post modern left’s beliefs have seeds of truth within them, and that these radicals just grow those truths as far from reality as Jack’s mythical beanstalk. The regressive left are doing more harm than good. Not only are they alienating the wider public from their cause, or anything that might reflect their cause, they are also diluting real problems with made up ones.

Corner kids, for example, are real victims of institutionalised racism. Evergreen State College students who claim that a white person using hand gestures to speak is intsitutionalised racism are not victims, now matter how badly they want to be.


Alternate American History

‘What if the South won the American Civil War?’ is a common a trope in alternate history as killing Hitler is in a time travel story. It is the premise of the novels 1862 , Bring the Jubilee, Fire On The Mountain and the mockumentary C.S.A, all of which describe a vastly different United States from the today’s sole superpower. But how different would a Confederate States, descendant from a Southern victory, really be? This article argues not that different, at least when it comes to the treatment of African Americans and minorities – one of the main instigators of the conflict.


An Alternate Confederate States Would Have Eventually Abolished Slavery.

The abolishment of slavery was the best thing to come out of the civil war. A Southern victory certainly wouldn’t have granted slaves freedom. At least not as swiftly as the Northerners did. But, as the world progressed to become more entwined, the CS would have had to concede and abolish slavery in order to keep up with its Western counterparts. By the time the civil war ended in 1865, the Netherlands, France (for the second time after Napoleon reintroduced it), Spain and England had already banned slavery.

While A CS emulating the rest of the West might sound like pure speculation, it is supported by the Clash of Civilizations theory. Samuel P. Huntington’s theory asserts that ‘The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural.’ Meaning, if a CSA refused to rid itself of its barbaric slavery, they would have been left alone amongst a world of enemies. Besides, just because the CS legally abolish slavery, it wouldn’t mean that they would have to start caring for its former slave population. The US didn’t.


The Real US Abolished Slavery But Never Embraced Its Coloured Population.

Today, too many black people are still economically segregated in run down ghettos where crime and corruption perpetuates. These slums are the result of discriminatory housing laws that still existed long into the 20th century. There was a time when Compton was a state of the art white town, but when the housing laws changed, granting black people the right to purchase property in the area, the white population disappeared and seemingly took the government’s interest in the city with them. Since then, Compton been on a decline so steep that it is now one of the world’s most notorious and recognisable ghettos.

This is a trend that repeats throughout the US. Detroit, once one of the US’s most prosperous cities, now a predominantly coloured ghetto where houses sell for as little as one dollar. Baltimore, an ex-affluent port city, where housing laws similar to those once in Compton have locked coloured communities in cheap, dangerous, war-like neighbourhoods.

It seems that the current US ignores its former slave population in the same way an author might extrapolate that a CS would, but this is not the case. There is still one appendage of the state that thrives on these poverty-trapped communities.


Police Profiling in the US

Most readers are probably familiar with the death of Freddie Gray by Baltimore Police and the ensuing riots. But this is a practice that is so common in America it almost seems more like protocol than a freak accident. Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin. Another 121 victims so far this year.

Ex-Baltimore officer, Michael Wood, has spoken out about the violence and profiling ingrained in Baltimore Police, who he describes as an occupying force. Wood, an ex-marine, came to the fore when he started tweeting about his experiences as an officer and has since done numerous interviews about the issue.

According to the Washington Post, there have been 547 police killings in the US so far this year. Of those, 121 victims were black and 232 white. Yet African Americans make up less that 15% of the US population and Caucasians over 60%. Despite the glaring discrimination inherent in these stats, many people inflate the numbers to push a certain narrative while others deny them outright for their own agenda.

Reading Dale Maharidge’s ‘Someplace Like America, Tales from the New Great Depression’, one is shocked but the rampant and indiscriminate poverty throughout the US. Black and white. Male and female. Families and loners. Perhaps the police are guilty of financial profiling rather than racial and, due to the poverty-locked coloured communities throughout the US, this simply affects black and other minorities the most.


Would A CS Treat the International Coloured Population Worse Than the US?

Forget that the current US President run on the platform to build a wall between them and Mexico but never mentioned the idea of erecting a wall over the Canadian border, where drugs are frequently smuggled across, and instead focus on the US’s foreign policy of the last 50 years.

From the immediate end of the Second World War to 1991, the US and it’s Western allies were embroiled in a Cold War with the Soviets. The Soviet Bloc (who the US knew had nukes, unlike Afghanistan) and the West never officially engaged in open warfare with one another, no border of either empire was ever officially crossed. Instead, the two sides battled it out in proxy wars throughout the Middle East and Asia, where people tend to be a little more tanned.

This practice persists today. Bashar al-Assad (not the most reliable of sources but one with front row seats) claims that the modern Syrian conflict is merely a theatre  for the new Russian-US cold war.

George Carlin said it best in his 1992 special Jammin’ in New York: “When was the last time we [The US] bombed some white people? When have we ever bombed any white people? The Germans. And only because they were trying to cut in on our action! [World Domination]”

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