Abort Babies, Save the Future

Written by Buzz Huffington

When I hear cis white males callously throw around the term ‘radical feminism,’ I’m liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike really? Feminism is too moderate. The goal of equality? Equality?! After a billion years of torture? I don’t think so.

For billions of years, men kept their monstrous Genghis Khan like genes reproducing, by economically and physically prisoning them in the fascist family unit. Now you’re probably thinking, but men aren’t physically superior, strength is a just a social construct, correct, A+. What the male history books hide is the deliberate culling of female babies, there was always to be two men on the planet for 1 women, to suppress any rebellion from the enlightened sex.

You see it wasn’t just Adam and Eve. It was Adam, Eve and Trevor. Adam and Trevor who designed Christianity to enslave, punish and exploit the dignified beauty that is the Woman’s temple. A&T’s psychological warfare didn’t stop there though. They spread false concepts such as gender roles, the idea that periods are biological instead of a symbol of battle readiness and the fiction that women are delicate flowers who need protection. All these lies due to the fear and jealousy that come from inferiority. The flagrant superiority of the feminine figure simply awakened men’s predisposition to fear of marginalisation.

YOU’RE NOW WOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Explains a lot doesn’t it? They’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to keep this history underground.

Just compare the two images:

Look at the sophistication of the female body in comparison to that disgusting male anteater hanging off their pelvic bone.

Just like our Islamic sisters the Middle East, we must declare a Jihad. A ruthless holy war on the unborn evil that gestates in the bellies of the beautiful. Do we even need men? Not for much longer! Female scientists are working tirelessly on replacing men’s only useful function with chemically made sperm designed to eviscerating all Y chromosomes permanently. Now you see why men use the shield of Christianity to suppress stem cell research and abortion? The dots start to connect when you’re WOKE.

Patience isn’t my virtue, a warrior’s blade must never rust.  As male psychological warfare has been ruthlessly carried out on the enlightened sex, it’s time to flip the script and make the snake eat its own tail.

Using my plumply charm:

I will lure dense lustful men back to my apartment for deliberate unprotected sex. I will actually make them think they’re charming, a ludicrous proposition considering men aren’t funny, one that shows how brain dead they really are. I mean, a dead dog provides better conversation than the average boy. I’ll let them in impregnate me, smile submissively, laugh when required and stroke their ego until they fall in love. Then, when they fantasise about the future and a family, when they’re completely invested, it’ll be ultrasound time. You can imagine the joy males get knowing they produced a boy from themselves, knowing another sociopath is entering this hell hole of a civilization.

Then Bang, right around the 6 month period I’ll abort. Literally, I’ll abort our baby. Murdering the future sociopath before it exists, destroying a psychopath’s soul at the same time, all without any patriarchal legal repercussions. Genius.

Fuck what the Male Buddha promotes, enlightenment is found by killing unborn men. Abortion is great, abortion is love, abortion is the answer. The only way to stop future Hitlers. Just imagine if Donald Trump’s unfortunate mother had an iota of courage, imagine if Ivan the terrible was Ivan the Who?

If it’s got a dick, ABORT IT!!!!. It is our duty as women to work together as a collective and make sure our sisters don’t suffer in vain, to return the suffering to the perpetrators, relentlessly.

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