Aliens Harvesting Our Insecurities

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Confidence, its alluring trait. The characteristic that most determines the direction of our lives. We either make decisions out of confidence or insecurity, there’s no way to avoid it. Self assured people stand out, their walk, the way the talk, their social prowess. We all remember that one kid from school who just didn’t give shit, seemed to effortlessly attract girls, attention and friends. We all envied that prototype at one point in our lives, we all wondered why we couldn’t just be like that, smooth and cool. The truth is society values high self-esteem: “the greatest measure of wealth is how happy you are.” How many times have you heard that proverb? How many girls have that tattooed under their boob? Happiness stems from confidence and breeds contentment. It can’t be measured or enumerated, only experienced. While the cultural ethos cherishes confidence, it’s the pursuit, the desire to be someone or somewhere you aren’t, that keeps the engine running.

Now I could give you some pious, “just be yourself” rant, or tell you to go to Tony Robbins for the answer. Confidence is all about hard work and determination mannnnnn. However what’s more interesting than our path to self-actualisation is the way our insecurities, weaknesses and fears are fomented then flipped for a profit and insidiously used to maintain power. The basic premise being that content, self sufficient people make bad consumers, independent citizens and render authority obsolete.

The pursuit of material possessions isn’t automatically due to insecurity, it doesn’t have to come from a shallow place. Although it almost always does. Most products appeal to sense of lacking. Rarely do we employ logic to make spending decisions, and most purchases come from an idea of wanting others to like us, or see us in a certain light. Will this item boost my social validation? Will it make the girl from wet dreams appear at my doorstep? Men and women are barraged with products that appeal to vanity, that claim to make you more tempting to the opposite sex. Even if women claim to wear makeup to feel good and not to please men, on a subconscious level they want to be desirable. A women that doesn’t feel desirable is known as  a third wave feminist.

No one really admits the truth of who they are to themselves, we hide it through cars, clothes, cologne, anything that will gear us towards that false image we create in our heads. The false destination that will bring an end to discontent and usher euphoric feelings of fulfillment. Our desire for status manifests in many ways, but if one does not succeed on the journey, they look for shortcuts to good vibrations, to bodily sensations.

The magic pill concept is dangerous, like a person trying to escape their own mind. If one can’t feel confident and carefree in their normal day to day life, if their image of self differs from their lifestyle, that creates chaos, a tension that has to released. Low self-esteem is predominantly escaped via unhealthy practises, such as alcohol-fuelled partying, drugs, and meaningless sex.

So you’re not the alpha male you want to be? Buy a 400 dollar Venice shirt, head to the club, ingest drugs and drink copious amounts of alcohol until your inhibitions are decimated, finally giving you the gratifying permission to be who you want to be. The confidence to talk to strangers, get aggressive at a lippy cunt or dance freely until your legs feel like cinder blocks. Even if just for a night you get the euphoria of confidence, chemical induced or not. The enticement of living life on your terms, even in the short term is captivating. An urge so forceful it’s got most the population “living for the weekend.” Your need to separate yourself from your mundane life leads to an alcohol induced separation of you from your wallet.

Popular music thrusts these principles down our throats daily: The notion that drinking alcohol, listening to loud music and being surrounded by girls is the pinnacle of joy, a symbol status, confidence and success. The perpetuation of this narrative has its origins in Zionism, a group of mischieving Ashkenazi Jews promoting decadence, through media and hollywood to bring down the West and usher in The Great Israel project without opposition. Realistically speaking, the motive is money, people aren’t nefariously scheming to keep us broke, it’s just profitable to provide an escape, yearning people make great customers and a certain few’s appetite for profit outweighs the average person’s devotion to self-improvement.

According to University professors, the worlds never been a safer place. Do I agree? Maybe, I’ve only been alive right now and I can tell you living in an affluent, predominantly White/Asian neighbourhood keeps me feed with little to complain about. The truth is life’s undoubtedly tolerable, Kony isn’t trying to enslave my children, a tsunami hasn’t swamped my house and Dave Grohl has stated his intentions to retire from music (next step is retiring himself from life, a boy can dream can’t he?) The message being on a material and safety level, things are chirpy. I’ve even got an electric blanket.

Turning on the news, however, will disconnect you from your immediate reality. It’s designed to keep you down, not inform you. The news fits into the model of Good vs Evil with no room for nuance. Every story is designed to evoke either a short burst of goodness or an eruption of anger. Who’s the bad guy and where’s the good guy? These emotions are manipulated by both sides of the political spectrum to try and capture or maintain power.

Conservative’s measure success by how far we’ve come, and liberals measure success by how far away from a utopian future we are. The right appeals to the insecurity of fear, we need to distance and prioritise ourselves, to ward off the potential threats facing us from the outside. Us vs them. They promise safety and justice, an ironfist appealing to our desire to be protected, handing over certain liberties for the luxury of safety. Whether the threats are real or not is irrelevant.The uniformity that comes from a common enemy summons a contagious fervour that deceitfully reels in people wanting a robust, comforting group identity,

Antithetically, the left capitalises on our sense of guilt, and leverages fear of social persecution to influence people and attract supporters. The left rebukes traditional institutions in its crusade for justice on the pilgrimage to utopia. It shames today’s social standards, claiming social injustice is omnipresent and views itself as the champion of tolerance and the last defence for the defenceless while subsequently framing anyone that disagrees with them as viciously intolerant. No one’s allowed to be happy in their worldview. Blacks can’t smile due to the evil whiteman, there’s a mass testosterone fuelled confederacy crushing women’s dreams of being a CEO, white Christians are the source of the world’s pain, responsible for everything from terrorism, sore backs, racist memes to harambe getting shot. Basically nothing’s within your control. Most people wish to be good, if they aren’t feeling good about themselves, they’re inclined to quench that thirst by ostensibly supporting supporting ideals that have universal value. If the lefts fighting for justice, and you’re not with us, you must be fighting for injustice. So you don’t have a soul. Surreptitiously acquiescing to harassment, social isolation and even violence towards its opponents by portraying them as evil doers waiting for an opportunity to strike. The heavy lever of social banishment coerces a lot of docile people to their side, or into silence, either way it’s a victory. The one similarity they have with the right is the us vs them mindset.

You see a self-sufficient confident individual doesn’t look outside for validation, they already have a strong sense of integrity, a clear pathway to want what they want and the self determination to get it. They’re not going to buy things they don’t need, they won’t succumb to emotional urges or be bullied into supporting a facade. They have created comfort within themselves, making them less fearful of the outside world and unlikely to capitulate their rights in return for safety as well as an intuitive craving to be left alone,”who the fuck are you to tell me what to do. These characteristics make bad voters, bad consumers but fantastic people worthy of admiration.

Is this human nature or are we being social engineered to be kept down by our insecurities in order to keep the pillars of profit and power up? Maybe Carl Jung is right – that humanity all inherits a collective unconscious that spins of the emotions of every human alive right now.

Maybe his Lordship Mr Alex Jones is right – there’s a far-reaching conspiracy to lower our self-esteem, pushing negative emotions into the collective unconscious, creating a metaphysical energy force that’s been hijacked by Reptilians who use it to power their evil intergalactic empire that keeps humanity subdued, by indirectly ruling over an international multi-corporate secret society of child molesters that use the media, national governments, prescription drugs, technology, GMO foods, radiation poisoning, the military industrial complex and false wars to keep humanity in a perennial state of misery, that fuels these mischievous aliens.

Eckhart Tolle could be right – all human depravity is merely a manifestation of our unconscious thoughts. All we need to do is recognise the power of now, transcend our minds, eliminate internal suffering, and generate nothing but positivity that will reverberate into the collective unconscious, guiding us into the heavenly bliss that a successful Antifa revolution promises.

It’s more conceivable that humans in vast numbers are just shortsighted dummies, susceptible to being deceived by all sorts of intelligent opportunists, with reasons to promote their personal narratives or agendas for gain, whether it be money, power, pleasure, or all of the above.

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