R.I.P Jesus

Written by Chevy Chinburn

The holy spirit moves in mysterious ways, out of the echo chamber of the ordinary man’s mind and into the turbulent killing fields of public discourse, where it’s been shamed, ridiculed, mocked and disparaged to the point of hatred. Christianity’s brand power has definitely diminished. The cruel brush of hindsight historians have turned it into nothing more than a homophobic, women hating, pedophilic institution, weaponised to control hordes of gullible idiots. Eschewing logic and reason by playing on the fears of innocent minds, leveraging metaphysical concepts like heaven and hell to keep people in line. Defending Christianity may be like climbing Mount Everest barefoot, not something I’m willing to do, but as we spotlight it’s foolishness we negate its positive or, useful ideals that served a purpose.At the end of the day, you can’t help be a little grateful to Christianity for creating Western Civilization, the second greatest civilization known to man (Atlantis is real okay). The bible is the oldest and best selling self help book in history, written by cavemen attempting to figure out how to sustain the tribe. Jesus was the original Tony Robbins. In my narrow minded view of history, the Soviet Union was the first major society to openly declare itself godless and, as the secularization of the west has been intensifying since the 1960’s on wards, the ramifications of Christian doctrine no longer being the main philosophy that guides, and helps build the average person’s interpretation of reality are being felt in more ways than one. Christian ideals of relationships, family, hard work, self-sacrifice and seeking to live a virtuous life are all on the ropes. We are all dead men living in a time stamp that’s destined to be analyzed by future historians smarter than me, the prospect of a Godless future makes for interesting confabulation.

To most Australian youth, children have become an afterthought, something to laugh at when mum asks where her grandchildren are at Christmas lunch. Christianity heavily promotes the idea of a nuclear family, monogamy and traditional gender roles within the family paradigm. Being in a committed monogamous relationship is still viewed favorably, although the idea of the male provider and female nurturer has become antiquated. Females especially are bombarded with the idea of independence, not needing a man to complete you and surviving without being financially dependent, conflicting but not necessarily negative ideals. The days of the iron-fisted male despotically ruling over a household seem to fading, males being encouraged to tone down the harsh discipline and replace it with a more placating, open minded role that absolves them from being the sole provider feminizing their responsibility in a way, as mothers generally regarded as the more important parent. The main consequence of the nuclear family was children, and lots of them with most Christian families having anywhere between 4 and 12 kids. Marriage was the locomotive that assured the future existence of your tribe, having children was an implicit investment in the future. Birth rates in Christian countries continue to dwindle, Germany for example is losing 35 percent of its population every generation, while birthrates among other religious communities continues to increase. Monogamous relationships built the structure we inherited today, throwing a Molotov cocktail into that which has led to Europeans being out-bred by Muslims 5 to 1. The repudiation of Christian values in France may cause it to become the first Muslim nuclear armed country. Other than providing tomorrow’s laborers, patriarchal families are where children model their future, from male-female relationships to how to operate in the world. Schools may teach you how to dance but at home is where the music is made. Divorce rates, multi-parent households and single mothers are no longer outliers, now making up the average. To ruminate on just how deep the social effects of tomorrow’s leaders being raised in dysfunctional homes, or not even coming into existence as the self inflicted genocide of Christianity’s ancestors continues in silence, is for smarter people than me.

The main concept that sunk with the family is the death of responsibility facilitating the rise of hedonism. Having a household to cultivate can consume more time than a Godfather marathon. Fathers are expected to provide a home, love the mother, love the kids, provide financially and protect them, an arduous time consuming endeavor . A man builds the house and a woman turns it into a home. The commitment and self sacrifice is enormous. As expectations for life have shifted, grown and magnified by Instagram, the idea of children is seen as masochistic, they deduct not add to human experience, because all that matters is YOU. How can “I” feel good? What do I want? The famed protestant work ethic prioritized usefulness, being responsible and committing yourself to the task, fuck how you feel, what can you do? What makes you useful? Replacing responsibility with entitlement creates a desire for pleasure without the pain, the desire to have sex with beautiful women without the responsibility of children, being a woman but not valuing the biological miracle of life, “wanting social validation and a high paying job but not committing to the initial pain it takes to become competent at a task. Hedonists avoid unpleasant tasks always looking at the easy way out, the back road to happiness. Selfishness isn’t a modern creation, its rise from the ashes of a burning cross has seen it permeate into young adulthood where basically no one is considering what contribution they can make to society, instead what society can contribute to their pleasure. As civilization advances humans remain the same, we’re not as convoluted as the voice in our head makes us believe, fundamentally the desire to be loved pulsates through all of us. Amidst the confusion of attempting to discern life’s purpose, more and more people are ignoring our biology and seeking answers elsewhere, but if we’re not creating a nest of love to further our thousand year long gene pool, what separates us from a vagrant dog aimlessly searching for food, sex and play? The disappearance of a wise old bearded white man has inadvertently misdirected the pursuit of happiness, taking away the objective blueprint to a content lifestyle leaves are deriving purpose from our subject values and experience.

An objective morality sounds like an abstruse concept, and of course there’s always objective physical truths, e.g jumping off a building causes you to fall or drinking a glass of water hydrates the body. Objective Morality defined as what’s moral according to God. Follow the 10 commandments because God fucking said so, no argument or conflict because God’s will is unquestionable and above reproach. Religion isn’t necessary for one to live a virtuous life, but without the fear of negative consequences or a magical document to draw from, virtue becomes subjective. Other than bond villains most people strive to be good according to their personal, or learned standards. Criticism killed Christian without considering the lust for faith in a divine future, the need to belong, and to follow a spiritual presence however that manifests itself to the individual. You ever a met a huge Beyonce fan? That gets viscerally angry when you criticize her? Covers their room in posters? Constantly listen to her music and stalks her social medias? That’s a religious mindset. Arresting god doesn’t ubiquitously raise everyone’s IQ level, shunning their need for a sense of direction, it merely leaves excess energy that drifts towards different outlets, most people are happy being told how to think, feel and act. If Beyonce made an Instagram post promoting a mass suicide to protest misogyny, I guarantee there would be some grieving families the next day. The most malignant manifestation of a new wave of religious thought is post modern philosophy, in particular the radical left and their crusade for social justice. The parallels between left and religion are significant, they both promise a Utopian future, they both bypass fact before revaluation, and they both view non-believers as heathens/oppressors who are the enemy in the fight for good. Typically, even when Christians are faced with opposing views the pacifist nature in tandem with fear of sin holds them accountable for their actions, violence is wrong because the holy spirit penned it down in the Bible. Leftists when confronted with opposite opinions can justify being violent, because their world view is completely subjective. Punching an oppressor before he gets the opportunity to do harm is heroism, they have no document to derive good from and no fear of damnation, they perceive the world they live in as a sort of hell they must cope with in as the fight for a egalitarian world. If Gods justice no longer blackmails people into virtue, than what is deemed evil or unlawful is purely up to the individual, punching a Nazi is okay because Nazis are bad, bad because I say so, certain egotistical professors have promoted their word into the realm of absolute truth. The bible claims that ‘’if you don’t fear god, you won’t fight evil’’, but without a concrete concept of good how can one determine what is evil and what isn’t?

Will Christianity make a comeback? I highly doubt it. For all its faults the bible is really just a group of prehistoric humans doing their best to form an orderly society with a guiding set of principles essential to its continuity. Christian thought is the basis of Western of Civilization, the centerpiece of our identity. As the world appears to be on a collision course between accepting the future and the desire to return to a nostalgic past, one cannot not help but notice that chaos played out on the nightly news. The pillars that brought us the world we inherit today have melted, we no longer conform to religious structures, the straight jacket has been removed, will we find order amongst the chaos or is social chaos just an unforeseen consequence?

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