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    It Wouldn't Be Long Before One Of The More Extreme States Made A Move Against The CR.

Refugees Need To Stop Taking Our Senatorial Jobs

Written by Al S. Drozd

Malcolm Turnbull’s harsh stance on immigration, national security and refugees is strange when you consider the number of refugees in his Senate. With another day gone by, another Senator has been ousted to due an ineligibility over their citizenship. This time it was Tasmanian Independent Jacqui Lambie who felt the boot of the Constitution as it […]

Comrade Chronicles II

We here at Relentless pride ourselves on not catering to one side of the political spectrum. So after a couple of pieces making fun of and strawmaning Antifa, we reached out to some comrades (it wasn’t hard – every Antifa chapter has their own Gmail and social media) and offered them an avenue to express […]

Australia’s Five Former Senators Are Frauds

Written by Al S. Drozd

In a previous Relentless article, Harry Berg asked: Why are politicians exempt from the laws that bind average people? This question is particularly pernient to Australia’s senator citizenship debacle, what both parties are now calling a crisis. So far, the High Court has removed 5 politicians (including the deputy Prime Minister) from the Senate in light […]

Week Off

Melbourne Cup, the race that stops the nation and, more importantly, the second Victorian public holiday for a sporting event in less than two months. This year though, the race stopped more than Australia and the lives of a few horses. This year, it stopped Relentless. But we are back now and regular updates will […]

Stop Victim Blaming FFS: Anthony “Cis Privilege” Rapp Raped Kevin “I’m Gay Now” Spacey!

Written by Buzz Huffington

Yes, you heard it right folks. Fourteen year old Anthony Rapp raped innocent Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, yet the media in our despicable rape culture is once again blaming the victim. Not only is every article I’ve seen about the “scandal” completely inaccurate and discriminatory but also straight up harmful! Seriously, I just don’t think […]

Relentless World October

Mobile Users Scroll Past Map Kicking The King Canberra, New South Wales. It has been a tumultuous month in Australian politics with 5 senators, including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, being kicked out of the Senate for holding a dual citizenship. But the saga doesn’t end at years of lies, $9 million in senatorial salaries […]

Kevin Spacey Tried To Bum My Son!

Written by Chevy Chinburn

Kevin Spacey recently declared that from now on he will “choose to live as a gay man”. What’s next? Donald Trump coming out as an arsehole? If anyone embodies sexual ambiguity, it’s Mr Spacey. No one should be surprised that he tried to bum a fourteen year old boy. Nevertheless, Spacey is a prodigious talent. It is […]

Remembering Rasputin

Written by Lee Harvey

1869 – 1916 Even now, over a hundred years after his murder, Grigori Rasputin is an enigma. Born a peasant in Siberia, he embeded himself with Nicholas II, the last Tsar, and became one of the most powerful people in Imperial Russia. Despite holding no position within the church, Rasputin captivated St Petersburg high society […]

The Ice Epidemic In Australian Politics

Written by Al S. Drozd

Only a fortnight ago, I wrote that if you were to judge Australian politicians by their actions they appear to be a bunch of wasted jocks with no understanding of the word politics, let alone the profession. But I am here today to write that I was wrong and I am sorry. Judging from NSW’s Premier Gladys […]